me again (worried)

Hi guys,

Just having a bit of a wobble, since my diagnosis of FND my symptoms are getting worse by the day!! :frowning: is this normal?!

I can’t get any help or advice anywhere and my family are sick of hearing about it. I went for a walk with my boyfriend today and my leg felt as though it was going to buckle at any second, we had to turn back and go home after 40 mins :frowning: I also got cramp in my calf.

I’m also having a new symptom, sexual dysfunction. This is very unusual for me and distressing given my age and I can’t see anyone with FND who is experiencing something similar. I’m scared out my mind again! The clear MRI really hasn’t reassured me as I’m worried they may have missed something lower in my spine due to my worsening leg and other symptoms.

I apologise if you’re all fed up of me, please don’t respond to this thread just to tell me to sort myself out. I feel like my life is ending at the age of 22 so I really just want some support in this frightening time, I can’t get any at home

From what I understand (and I could be very wrong so don’t take my word for it) a head MRI would show perhaps a cause (lesion?) for problems in the head, ie dizziness, headaches. I think that back/neck/limb problems would show a spinal abnormality (lesion?). I’m also confused by all the jargon. Sounds like you need some proper medical and emotional support.

yes i’ve just heard of a few people with a clear MRI and a diagnosis so i’m worried :confused:

I do! My own body terrifies me, I hate to een get in the bath or pick things up out of fear of noticing my weird symptoms

Oh dear Worried22, Your fear is very real to you. It actually sounds like a phobia of illness but I’m no medical specialist. It might sound silly or unimportant to others who have an incurable medical condiition diagnosis.

For you, the fear and worry is real and is affecting your life, your quality of life will be overcome with worry. It’s not ok to say pull yourself together, a mental illness (chronic anxiety) can cause heart failure! Your fear of any illness, symptom is out of proportion. Although this forum is MS Society, many people know how worry affects lives.

Can you see your GP to explain how obsessive your real anxiety is seriously affecting you. I don’t want to sound condescending but your life is precious. It isn’t ending, most types of illness can be treated to ease it.

You mention there’s no support at home or family There are many forums to help but your GP can, and should, refer you to specialist nurses for different treatments.

It may be a long road ahead hon, but it will be worth the journey to ease your worry. A mindful of worry is frightening and only professional help with friends support can get your mind back on track to, dare I say, positive thinking. That might take time but you need immediate reassurance from qualified professionals. I sincerely hope you can see what I’m trying to say. To help yourself like you have done is terrific, it means the lack of support from home is not stopping you from finding information and help.

Carry on hon, any adversity makes us strong. Try not to research the net as it goes OFF and calls an itchy finger the start of a fatal rash picked up from fruit at the local grocers, while qualified medics will correctly find it’s only irritated skin from washing dishes. Hope you know what I mean.

Blimey, I bet you feel you’ve just read a book with this long post, but hopefully you can smile at my crazy analogies.

Do you work, study, have any hobbies, volunteer to help anyone, cook, go out with pals, have duvet days? I hope you can.

Take care of YOU xx

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I truly understand what you mean but I assure you I have never had a phobia of MS. I’m seriously worried that I have it, I went for a short walk yesterday and today I can barely put weight on my right leg because it hurts so much. I honestly wasn’t worried about MS even when the numbness appeared and didn’t go away, it’s only since the sudden onset of weakness and balance issues that I’ve become worried.

I appreciate your help but I assure you this is not anxiety, I love my life, always have. I had just got back from living in France for a year when the first symptoms appeared. This is not normal and I know my own body. I feel worse everyday.

I used to be the type of person to get up at 7 and have a full day of working and going to the gym and socialising. I can’t even find the energy to get out of bed before 12 these days. Im just confused because I see so many people with symptoms that are much more vague than mine and they receive everybody’s full support only to be told it was anxiety all along, whereas I’m having classical MS symptoms that are getting worse by the day and everyone writes me off as anxious.

I WISH that were the case. I appreciate the advice and I am trying to stay calm but there is something not right and I do not believe that MS can be ruled out with just one MRI of the brain. There are many people on this site who have proven otherwise. X

My point is, I’ve never been one to run to the doctors over a small issue. I’ve had hundreds of tests in my life, for a serious heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I didn’t stress because I knew in my bones that I was fine, and I was! But this time is different. I’m seriously worried and there is something not right. I don’t believe for a minute that it’s stress and luckily my stepmother and dad agree