Advice please

Good morning

hope all is as well as it can be.

I am posting as I am at the end of my tether.

I recently had a brain and c-spine mri (w/out contrast) as I had been having episodes of weakness and pins and needles as well as bladder issues and numbness

this scan has come back with non-specific subcortical t2/flair hyperintensities

It has been reviewed in a neuroradiology MDT with the radiologist and my neuro amongst others

the consensus is that there are “no significant changes” and I haven’t been offered a follow up or given any explanation as to why these strange things have happened to me. My Gp has now said “there is no under lying physical cause” and to basically get on with it.

However… I have a feeling of numbness in my head and restless legs which everyone is now putting down to anxiety.

I am currently off work and desperate for some answers

what would you do in this position?

Thank you in advance xx

Try to get a follow up appointment with the neurologist. See your GP and see if they can help you to get answers by requesting a follow up.

Keep records (ie a diary) of exactly what has happened to you and when symptoms started, how long they’ve lasted, whether they completely resolved or if anything has remained.

That way you can go through your symptoms with the neurologist. S/he may then be able to explain why these things have been happening to you. I assume that you had a neurological exam before being given an MRI, the decision not to continue seeing you would have been based on the physical exam as well as the MRI, so they should have a full picture.

Have a look at What Is FND - FND Hope International It may be that you actually have FND, it seems that it’s a very common disorder that shares many symptoms with MS.

Best of luck.


Just a little tip; always buy a copy of your MRI, cost about £10. Handy for many reasons, perfectly legal under the freedom of information act.

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While it’s possible to get copies of the MRI scans, I don’t really know what the point is. It’s not like you know how to read them. The only value is if you see a different neurologist, perhaps from a different hospital, or a private appointment.