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Hi all just wondered if anyone could enlighten me, a neuro I saw who was checking for Parkinson which he said I don’t have, sent me to see a specialist physio in neuro problems at a London hospital. I went and all she did was talk for an hour basically telling me by the power of positive thinking I’m going to get better, , (right if u say so), , she asked me if I had heard if c b t, talking therapy? And that she was going to set up a course nearer my home, what I would like to no is has anyone had this and why? And also what does it entail, and why am I having it, is it something they do before diagnosing you with Fnd, or is it really that they think that it is actually all in my head??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hi. I was diagnosed with fnd in feb. It isnt in your head so please dont think that. What it means is there is something going wrong with the signals from your brain and the central nervous system but it is not caused by disease like ms or parkinsons. If you look at and join facebook page functional neurological disorder/conversion disorder. I am still getting my head round it all. the fnd diagnosis seems to cover a wide range of symptoms which is really just unexplained by current medical processes.

Thank you so much for your reply

I wish you well