Diagnosis not quite as expected

Hi all I’ve seen my neurologist this week and with all the test results etc over the past two years he has now diagnosed me with FND I’m relieved to have a diagnosis…just wish it could be medically explained! So for me it’s now a case of treating the symptoms and physio to ‘learn to walk again’ just wondering if anyone else has heard this is the outcome for anyone else in limboland? Enjoy the sunshine…here’s hoping it’s not too hot!

Hi, try typing FND in the search, as it has come up on a number of threads. I know there is a useful FND site, hopefully someone will respond with more detail for you. All the best, let us know how you get on with your treatment. Lou x

Yep neurologist gave me the website details! Seems it’s a bit of an umbrella term for we can see neurological symptoms but don’t know what’s causing it! He assured me the profession has moved away from believing its psychological in origin…but as with all illnesses your state of mind can have an influence! He said with a positive and open attitude such as mine he doubted that there was any psychological influence, but the brain was a complex thing that we yet to fully understand!

Well, I’m glad you finally know what’s going on :slight_smile: I’ve heard about it and it’s so similar to MS in that it’s the brain playing up :s take good care of yourself Hun, and have a lovely weekend. It’s scorching here in Devon! Xxxx

Hello Snowdrop, I was diagnosed with FND in January. The most helpful site I’ve found, alongside www.neurosymptoms.org , is www.FNDhope.org They also have a public Facebook page and a private Facebook group that you can access via their website. Hope to see you there!