I now have a diagnosis at last

Hi all

Just an update as you have all helped me so so much these past couple of months and for that I really can’t thank you enough. Xx

Good news is I don’t have ms or neuropathy. I have been diagnosed with FND.

Now I know I can hopefully find a way of dealing with it.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone that has FND on ways of coping and meds. X

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Brilliant that you finally have a confirmed diagnosis. It must feel like it’s been one hell of a journey.

Now you can get some tools to help with symptoms. I’m sure you already have (I probably gave you) this link: What Is FND - FND Hope International Maybe it’ll help?

Don’t feel like you don’t have MS so you can’t come back on here. We’ve been your support group for a while, and you’ve been just as supportive to others. So if we can help, just ask.

Sue x

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Thanks sue. I couldn’t remember who it was that gave me the link. Yes the neurologist gave me websites too. All very helpful to understand it all xx

Must be a relief to have a diagnosis. Now you can focus on finding out about FND and hopefully get treatment.

Thanks for letting us know - always good to know we help people.

Take care.

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Definitely yeah. It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders being diagnosed. X

Hi Suzy

I noticed that one of your symptoms you were dealing with was numbness in your fingers and legs on waking up in the morning. That most usually is caused by sleeping in an awkward position and reducing the blood supply. If you wake up and find your fingers /arms / legs numb then take a moment to consider how you are actually lying, to see if it may simply be caused by this. Having your arm tucked under your chin (which many of us do) is often the reason for the numbness in the hands and arms. Legs too can be due to leg position.

I get this and have been training myself to sleep in a different position. It takes time, especially if you’ve slept that way for years!

All the best.

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Thanks. Yeah I sleep on my sides with my arms by my sides above the duvet. I move all night. Fidget sleeper lol