Hi everybody

Hi my name is Rick I have had MS sinetheage of19 I’m now 64 so it is not all doom & gloom. This is the 3rd revamp of the site this version is looking good. I have made a lot of friends over the years from the MS site. I live in Vienna,Austria so it is good to keep up to date with UK news.


hi Rick it took me 16 years to get diagnosed i am 70 in august so have had it since about 1999.

i keep going lol nothing else i can do or stop. its lovely here in the UK sun is shining and birds are singing. How is vienna?

Congratulations on your upcoming birthday, both my partner and myself still have family in the UK and have daily contact with them so I know your having a decent springs we are both from Scotland so fully appreciate the value of good weather
Fortunately spring has sprung and the temps. are heading upwards today is 18 degrees. Hope you have a pleasant evening.

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Hi both. You both sound very positive. Hopefully our kind of MS is liveable with and won’t get too much worse at our age. I’m 71 and was diagnosed around ten years ago. Yes, I get fatigued, especially in hot weather and I hobble around sometimes but I try not to let it beat me. It’s MY immune system that’s causing it so surely it’s ME that can control it. Lovely weather here in Warwickshire.

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Hi Keith warm weather goes for me too, you have got to be positive remember you will die with MS but no because of it. I prefer to laugh than cry, glad to hear your having good weather. Rick

yes warm weather is my nemisis. i hate it. i dont have central heating on either. heat is going to wipe me out so i try and keep out of it lol.

Good morning. This is a silly question but I knew a Crazy Chick once on a MacMillan cancer carers forum. But then maybe Crazy Chick is a popular handle.

Absolutely. Laugh in the face of adversity. There are no such things as problems, only opportunities. The opportunities remitting MS gives us is to slow down and take time for things like reading, listening to music, exploring and researching online, gardening and walking slowly through the woodlands. Taking time to look up and look around and above all, time to think. Per ardua adastra.

From what I’ve studied in the 35 years Iv’e had it. MS is not classified as a terminal illness. More information here :Is MS a terminal illness? | MS Trust :+1: :+1:

lol yes there are. Not me hun, a sad place to be i would think. I am Crazy_Chick. My name comes from being the keeper of very rare chickens and breeding the same. People called me crazy for doing it but i loved it.

I have a best friend with the surname Sutton lol. small world is it not. x

I have progressive.

but so busy every day i dont have time in a day lol. I have my own you tube channel. Hedgehog & wildlife Junction. I upload videos of the hogs where i live and occasional foxes and cats lol. I do ocassional birds too. I love nature.

I support children in kenya to get through covid they are essentially orphans in Nakuru and i sponser 3 to go to school. I have managed to pay a year for land near the school to grow veg for them. we have now ducks, rabbits and chickens. its all good fun and i run a group on facebook.

I support people on groups, listen to music, enjoy my outdoor space i live in indpendant sheltered in a bungalow. i run the newsletter for the 7 attached council sheltered alongside my support worker as my skills are I.T.

I have my own blog but not done it for a long time as dont have time. its about my journey with MS and grief of loosing my husband.

Jeez yes i am always busy. Just helped a young lady on here with her PIP application and she found out yesterday she has been awarded enhanced in both so that was joyful.

yeh way too much today and basically i am housebound. I miss my husband who was my carer and best friend, walking more then anything, my chickens, my former life overall. but still i have a laugh as much as i can.

Hi Rick,

At last we’ve had some rain here but not enough for the vegetable garden? Do you live in Vienna. I’ve been to Austria a few times many years ago but never to .Vienna. Keith