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Hi all from Spain!!

Hi all family!

I am writting this to say ‘happy new year’ to all of you, moreover I wanted to write a messagge to tell you my LP was negative (they were looking for neuropsyphillis) my ‘tinglitis’ as @Ssssue called it, continues with me. Especially at night but I am used to it.

Since april the symptoms do not progress but they dont disappear at all (tingling in hands, feet… Vibrations in muscles… Some kind of dizziness and legs pain some days) tinglitis changes with movement a lot.

I am waiting to see a Neuro in Madrid at the end of january.

Only wanted to say I LOVE YOU and still reading many threads in the forum (some of them were written 10 years ago jejeje)

Here in Spain we eat twelve grapes to celebrate the new years arrival, in a countdown jajaja well…at that moment (with mouth full of grapes) I remembered all the support many of you gave me in 2021.

Each year , cure or something like ‘cure’ is nearer.

LOVE and strength @alison100 @NorasMom @Ssssue I cant mention all people sorry

Oh… I forgot… This is Turco , the new member of our family (los Sergios)

Hugs! Xxxxx

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A happy new year to you and yours.

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Turco is a sweetie, and I’m sure you are too! Have a good 2022, hope it is much better than 2021.

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Aw Sergio,

Turco is such a cutie. Welcome to the family los Sergios. I am so happy that you and Sergio are making your way through together as a family (and dog :heart:!)

Maybe negative LP = no syphillis. I truly hope so. Sorry your tinglitis continues. But maybe you can live with tingles? If it doesn’t get worse?

Glad to hear from you Sergio (:kissing_heart:). Happy New Year, maybe 2022 better than 2021? Jeje?

Sue xx

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Happy New Year and Turco looks lovely and cuddly.

Pam x

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Thanks Sue for your words!! I know you appreciate us as much as we appreciate you!!

To be honest I can live with that tinglitis (during day I am free of it, It gets worse at night but I can sleep normally)

Anyway, the biggest reason to write again was to say Heyyyy! everyone to wish you a good year but especially a GOOD Life. For you all and your loved ones.

I see this forum as a good example of what humanity should be: people helping each other.

Besos ! Sue cuando quieras unas clases de español! Kisses Sue when you want I can teach you some spanish jeje

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Happy New Year! Glad one more thing has been ruled out for you. Turco looks an awful lot like my Charlemagne did as a puppy. I hope for your sake that Turco’s better behaved!


To be honest, I can’t imagine why you didn’t call Turco Sergio. Wouldn’t it have made life easier?

Life with los tres Sergios!!

Sue X


@Ssssue Jajaja you know what? Turco is the name given in Spain for turkish people (Turquía, country… So people from there, are "turco, turca, turcos, turcas) jaja so my mother when knew the name we had chosen for our dog said: '“he is not from Turkey! He is from Spain!” LoL

I dont know if it is the exact Word, because I am translating directly from my brain (works in spanish) to English… But Turco is a mixture?? Between german sheppherd and mastiff… He is only two months! He is going to be enormous jeje.

Hugs my friend ! You have a really good spanish… !! Los tres Sergios! +10

Hi Sergio, good to get your update and negative LP results too.

Turco is gorgeous. I have a toy poodle…dogs are a lovely companion.


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Mixture in dogs might be ‘mongrel’ or mixed breed (a nicer way to say it!)

He’s going to a be a big boy regardless.

Jejejeje!! My Spanish is non existent. Apart from ordering wine (Rioja/Albariño/etc), food (chorizo, jamon Iberico or Sevilla, calamares fritos, boquerones, Manchego, various tapas or pintxos, etc) and one or two other things vital to life!!

Sue x

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Happy new year. Good that LP is a good result.
Turco is very cute.

I love Sssue’s idea of 3 Sergios . Total chaos… bad Sue


Calamares fritos jaja… Good choice!

Spanish food is famous I think! (For me, in fact it is the BEST!) Jaja)

You would not believe me but I started to eat ‘fish and chips’ when I watched Amy Winehouse eating so in a restaurant (Youtube video jaja) I did not know even it existed (I mean chips and fish do exist in Spain but… Strange mixture maybe jaja)

During my childhood while spending summer holidays with my parents in Barcelona, Valencia… I was very SHOCKED to see British people eating beans, fried eggs, vegetables etc for breakfast as normally spanish people only eat ‘sweet food’ cupcakes, Donuts for breakfast.

Regarding food… I think spanish and italian are very similar (not only in food, also in lifestyle) I dont forget our neighbours (french… But it is not the best relationship jaja)

Hugs! X

HA! If you want sweet foods for breakfast, try the American cereals that are marketed to children.

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Hey! Overweight is one of the problems of spanish children… So government banned ‘sugar ads’ on TV.

Somehow we have lost “mediterranean diet” so MC Donald’s and Burger King have become a tradition for us.

Kebabs, pizzas… Are also in the list.

However my mother Teresa keeps cooking the best paella in the world. (Mum’s food is always the best for every person. Dont know why) jaja

Not my mothers food!

I wish I had a Spanish mother. Paella! Instead of fishfingers! How I wish I’d grown up with the lovely food of Spain (or Italy - major differences in the food, but Mediterranean!)

I had to grow up and discover amazing food for myself. I was a pretty good cook - now I’ve taught Mr Ssssue to be a better cook than I was!! He’s amazing.

Sue x


Well, food is not an advantage maybe in UK… But I had to spend some years trying to understand tue use of “do” “does” or learning by heart irregular verbs jajajaa…

The worst part for spanish children is to read English texts jeje as we pronounce exactly the word is written…

For instance brain… Ok but it is read brein! Jaja a real problem for spanish speakers. Jeje

So you dont have paella from childhood … But you do have english brain! Jaja I am jelaous of It.

Hugs! Funny to talk to you :slight_smile: @Ssssue

Your English is brilliant.

Spanish food is wonderful. Any country :es: who takes paprika and turns it into pimentón is amazing. And add the very notion of tapas to that and you have surely some of the finest cuisine in the world. Not to mention the things the Spanish do with fish.

Plus quite nice people. Some of them called Sergio.

Sue x

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Thanks @Ssssue !! I love British landscapes, culture… Each year I watch Queen’s speech lol as it sounds soooo posh to my ears jeje so I like It.

I thought I could understand english language until I heard people from Manchester, Liverpool… Jaja (i dont understand a single Word)

In Spain is the same situation (spanish in north of Spain is so different to the spanish spoken in the south…)

Well, at least you and me have ‘important’ languages (spanish and english!) As England and Spain were empires in the past (and they were not friends jaja)

You know my humour ok? We Will never forget the way you sank our army centuries ago!!! Jajajajajajaja :’)

@Ssssue by the way… BEST ‘pimentón’ is original of my mother’s village (Madrigal de la Vera) in fact, the most famous is called ‘pimentón de la vera’ so just let me know and I send you kilograms of It jejejeje

(Very tasty with octopus) a traditional dish from Galicia (a region in the north)

Sorry for the offtopic!! LoL