Here i am!

Hello everyone. Thought I’d pop in and say hello from sunny Gran Canaria. I’m so happy to be here, after the miserable start to the year Mr Poppy and I have had. We finally arrived Wednesday evening after a very very long day. Two hour drive to the airport, had a meal there. Flight delayed 45 min. I’m sat in my manual wheelchair all the time. Things have progressed with me and I now needed the aisle chair to my seat. I felt so conspicuous but we did it. Four hour flight. (Just kept my eye on the prize) Always conscious of not being able to get to the loo, I didn’t really drink anything, this lead to a thumping headache on landing. Taxi pre booked, we were at the apartment under an hour later. Went to a favourite tiny Italian bistro and were greeted with hugs and kisses by the owner and staff. Made the effort all worthwhile. Not hungry, we only had a bruschetta each, wine and coffee. On the house from these lovely people! We were both so exhausted we were in bed asleep by 10.30. I’m definitely struggling more these days. My right hand doesn’t always want to behave. I never thought I’d see the day I’d sometimes have to ask Mr Poppy help pull my trousers up. Sad and scary stuff. (It was much more fun pulling them down!). Still, today we’re here, away from everything and I know he’s pleased not to have to think about laundry, cooking etc. Plenty to be grateful for xx


Excellent news, it sounds well worth the effort. It is so nice to hear that the good stuff is still possible in spite of the effort required.

Have a totally amazing time.


Thanks Mick. Airport assistance is fantastic and make it all possible. It’s what they are trained to do for a living and, from my experience, enjoy the variety. People are very helpful and always offer to help (whether it’s wanted or not!). The effort is soon forgotten about as we eat ice cream and sit in the sun on the beach front or sip wine in the evening, watching the world go by.

Oh Pops, welcome to my world. The universe in which asking my husband to pull my trews up is frequent, and down sadly just doesn’t happen (or not in a saucy way anyway). Such a great shame.

Onboard wheelchairs are really no fun. And I tend to spend entire flights wanting a wee, partly psychological and partly physiological.

But hey, you’re there, in the sun (tomorrow anyway). And in a world where there is wine and food and sunshine and everything lovely.

Disability is the worst bad luck crap in the world. When all you require of life is a roughly functioning body, a lovely man and a gorgeous holiday (with all that usually contains), MS is an unwelcome passenger.

We’re going on a cruise in two weeks. Just a week to Northern Spain and Portugal. Can’t wait. MS can go to hell. I’ll be happy in my floating hotel.

Have a lovely time.

Sue xx

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Have a lovely time every one, I am envious but happy for you all. Curly xxx

Hi Poppy have a great holiday. Sue xx

Hi Poppy,

You made me really smile!

What a lovely happy time you’re going to have. Just being away from the normal daily/weekly routine is lovely. But to go somewhere you know and love with sun, wine and delicious food. You and Mr Poppy deserve it.

Enjoy your holiday,

Jen xx

Have a lovely holiday