Hepatitis B vaccine

I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago, I have relapse and remitting MS. Thankfully I have very mild and brief relapses, and I’m not receiving any treatment for my MS.

I have recently met a partner who has told me they have chronic hepatitis B, which has left me with a huge dilemma. If I was to stay with my partner I’d need to receive the Hepatitis B vaccine to safeguard myself, but I’m uneasy with the idea of having the Hepatitis B vaccine as the link between the vaccine and MS is negative. And I wouldn’t want to do anything that could cause my MS to progress.

I’d be grateful if I could hear others experiences with their MS and having the Hepatitis B vaccine please.

I don’t want to rain on your parade but I think you might like to read this;

The Barts Blog is a little more up to date. Research: hepatitis B vaccination is not a risk factor for MSers Multiple Sclerosis Research: Research: hepatitis B vaccination is not a risk factor for MSers

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I have been diagnosed last year only but add Hep B vaccination before (for working in an hospital).

I had few episodes before the 1st one I remember being in 2012 but did not know I had MS then. Don’t think it should be a problem but speak to your MS nurse for advice.

Hope that will help


I was diagnosed as HEPATITIS B carrier after tests were done to investigate fatigue. I had chronic hepatitis b with fibrosis of the liver already present. I started Lamivudine (Epivir-HBV) treatment which reduced the viral load initially. After a couple of years the virus became resistant and i decided to try a more natural approach to treat the virus, so i started on HEPATITIS B Herbal formula treatment from [removed by moderator], this natural HBV treatment totally reversed my condition. I did another blood test after the 4 months treatment and tested negative to the virus. [removed by moderator] This treatment is a breakthrough for all HBV carriers.