Hep B inoculation

My hubby is a nurse and had Hep B inoculations. He came home with paperwork which listed possible side effects with MS listed as a rare side effect. I found this quite upsetting as I worked in public health labs when I was younger and also had Hep B inoculations. I’m interested in the opinion of other people on this subject :?:

Hi Ashlee,

No idea why they would say this, as, to the best of my knowledge, MS has never been proved to be a “side-effect” of anything! The causes remain obscure.

My best guess is they’re simply trying to cover themselves, as if anyone has EVER developed MS after having a Hep B jab, they can’t absolutely rule out a causal link, even if it’s very unlikely.

I’ve had a Hepatitis jab too, in the past (it was necessary for my job). I don’t think for a moment it has anything to do with my subsequent development of MS. And I’m sure yours doesn’t, either.

I think the single biggest contribution to my getting MS was genetic. Unknown to me, it was already in the family. So it probably has more to do with the hand I was dealt, whilst still in the womb, than anything I’ve done or not done subsequently.

I certainly don’t feel that by having jabs (or diet, or any other lifestyle choice) that I’ve “brought it on myself”, as there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that. I’m not going to waste time worrying about it.


Hi Ashlee,

This is an old article from 2004;

I have not heard of anything since so presumed it was an idea that had beenn disregarded?


aparently i have had ms for 11 years, only diagnosed last year,

I too had hep b jabs for my job but that was only 3 odd years ago…

had hep b injection some years ago as part of my job no probs xx