Hepatitis A, B and TB innoculations


Anyone here had the above after being diagnosed with MS? I have been doing a bit of lay work with homeless and other vulnerable groups and it is recommended that you get these done. If you have had these, did you experience any negative side effects?



I had my Hep A last year (combined with typhoid) for a holiday to Africa and the booster for just Hep A this summer. Just a bit of a sore arm, nothing else. I also had a dose of this many years ago and had no reaction. I had my Hep B course before I was diagnosed, but I don’t remember having any reaction to any of the jabs. Never had the TB jab, but I had heard that it can cause a raised temperature, but talk to your GP as that might be rubbish. As with all these things, you need to weigh up any side effects from vaccinations against how bad the actual disease might be.

I had Hep A a few times pre diagnosis (every 6 months in Nigeria) - I’ve had the Hep B every few years post dx - working with a similar client group to you. Had TB jab when I was at school - maybe see if you’re immune first anyway :slight_smile:

There was a fair bit of talk a few years ago about hepatitis B causing, or worsening MS, but a Google search should reveal the latest position.

hot diggety damn…I must have had a fair few rounds of the 3 innoculations over the years…

Thanks for this Derek. I think as you say, I will weigh up further down the line when it comes to hep innoculations. I haven’t had a TB jab. In my generation the disease had died out. It is only in the last 20 years or so that the disease has creeped back…

Steffi xx

I had innoculations a couple of months before a trip to India. Whilst there, the first signs of my MS started, it was two years later (after lots of health problems) I was diagnosed.


Ive had everything. I had Hep B before diagnosis and a booster post diagnosis. Following diagnosis I have also had Hep A for travel, two further MMRs as I wasnt immune to Mumps and had BCG at school and never had any problems following except for the sore arm. You will have a Mantoux (skin test) before the BCG to check for possible immunity.
Personally knowing how infective Hep B is i had the vaccine (far more infectious than HIV and Hep C, bth of which there is not yet a vaccine). The infection can live on a had surface for 28 days and you only need a spec of it to infect you!! It was at some point thought to have triggered MS, but after Id been diagnosed Ididnt see the harm in having the vaccine. Unfortunately there is not much evidence to support this and also until the know what causing MS it is very difficult to say it is that which caused it. I think I would also prefer to havre MS than Hep B which can be fatal and also infect your family.

I have my flu vaccine every year and have ensured my daughter has had both MMRs despite there being controversy surrounding both. I do believe in vaccine and would personally have a reaction than actually get the illness is it protecting me from as that could have a worse effect.

I would weigh up all the pros and cons and understand what you are being vaccinated against and why, after all you want to make an informed choice as you need to feel confident when working with people that are considered to be at risk, especially if you have a contact with bodily fluids.

Good luck. This is entirely my personal choice and Im sure there are others who would disagree with me.

Take care


Wow! Interesting article! It amazes me how all these little pieces form all of our MS puzzles. I’ve had Hep B and Typhoid inoculations. Not sure about Hep A tho. That was in 2006 initially. Got diagnosed in 2011 had typhoid inoculation after that. Didn’t really have any problems out of the ordinary. Better than getting Typhoid itself no doubt… Oh, the only thing was it did give me a sore arm, but that’s normal apparently. Suz xx

I have had Hep B and typhoid jab(s) 2 years before diagnosis. I have recently heard that, in France, they do not reccommend the jabs to people who have a family member who has ms…