Help with speaking to GP

Hi, I’ve reading through the forum this morning and have found it very helpful. I have an appointment with my GP in 2 weeks time to discuss my symptoms. I’ve no idea if they they MS like but think they could possibly be? First thing I noticed a couple of months ago was problems with my memory. I got in the car to drive a 2 mile journey that I travel every week but couldn’t remember which way to go. I started driving, was going totally the opposite direction until my daughter intervened and pointed out I was going the wrong way! I laughed it off so as not to worry her! I’ve also had problems remember PIN numbers for my bank card when paying for things and also password for computers etc. it’s not even like the information comes back to me when prompted, it total gone from my memory. I’ve also been getting pins and needles in my head and down my left arm/hand and experiencing dizzy spells accompanied by numbness in my hands (although intermittently, really bad for 2 days then nothing for a few weeks) and seem to constantly have floaters in my eyesight. I’ve just turned 40. I’m generally fit and healthy, not over weight and take regular exercise. I know how random these symptoms sound and I’m nervous about how to discus them with my GP. Does anyone have any advice? Do they sound MS like at all? Thanks for you help x

Hi, well, yes they could be MS, but they could also be a any number of things.

Pins and needles usually have a neurologoical explanation. The forgetfull ness also occurs in MS. But it seems almost every adult I talk to, these days, despite their health, says their memory fails them. Perhaps thats a product of todays society…busy, dashing from a to b, trying to do too much at once.

My advice for when you see your GP is just to tell him what you have told us.

If he/she thinks you need a referral, they willl do one for you.

Good luck hun.

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