How do I get GP to listen to me?

Hi there, I am a 48 years old woman and have been having MS symptoms for awhile but don’t seem to be getting anywhere with my doctors. I realise it might not be MS but then again it might be! My symptoms are as follows:- pins and needles, sometimes painful, sometimes with numbness and/or itching, in both hands, arms, feet and legs plus face and now my tongue. The feeling of ants/spiders crawling up my legs, and occasionally biting! Occasional “heavy” legs or arms. Stabbing pains in limbs. Fatigue, especially in the afternoon. Recently suffering with dizziness and nausea, sometimes can’t walk in a straight line. Last month I suffered with a lot of joint pain but that’s now gone. My GP, and I’ve seen 3 different ones from same surgery, has just said I have labyrinthitis, though inner ear is clear and I’ve had no cold or sore throat lately. She has finally agreed to do a neuro exam on Monday morning, but I don’t know what that entails. Anyone have any advise about my next appointment. I haven’t mentioned to the GP that I’ve been on Internet looking up my symptoms and that they point to a possible MS dx, as I’m guessing they don’t appreciate that! Sorry for long post!

Hi There, I’m 49 and I’ve just been diagnosed, (This is my first post) I was told i could have had it for up to 10 years when I saw the neurologist. I had some very similar symptoms to yourself and a really bad episode in December when I was hospitalised.

If you are not satisfied with the neuro exam i would seriously consider changing GP’s. Or at least ask what they have excluded in their previous examinations. It’s very strange that they haven’t sent you for further investigations.

One symptom i had which apparently is a sign of MS is when I bent my head I had like a tingling/electric sensation in my legs.

If it is MS it isn’t all bad, now I’m over the initial shock it’s actually a relief to know why I’m so tired and have pins and needles and mobility problems. I don’t try to fight things so much and I have found this makes life much easier. I had so many symptoms for so long it all makes sense now.

Good luck

Hi my symptoms are pretty much the same as yours and i have been diagnosed with hemiplegia wgich is a rare type of migraine. however, since then my neuro has asked to see me again as my bloods came back with something unusual and my eyes have detiorated very quickly, nearly blind in right eye now. None of this means i have MS, while the symptoms match closely with MS as there are very many other conditions it could be, So I woukd say don’t expect to walk away from your neuro appointment knowing anything more. even if you have an mri that shows lesions don’t count n getting a diagnosis, be prepared to play the long game. frustrating i know but as you will see from other posts here it can take many years to get a positive dx. We all hate it but for many that’s how it is. there is always great support on this forum so keep us posted, good luck xx


i would consider changing you GP. Or asking if the surgery if there are any practitioners who have a special interest in neurological conditions and if so asking to see him/her.

My understanding of a neurological examination is, walk in a straight line, touch your nose with your finger etc, banging on kness and elbows etc. Mine which i had on Thursday was normal but i still got refered for a brain spine MRI because of what i am experiencing. But my examination was with the neuro consultant. What you have to remember is that you know your body far better than anyone else. And your GP is a ‘general’ practitioner only. And that is not supposed to be disrespectful to the GP.

I like you have had many symptoms for many years and felt like i was banging my head against a brick wall and or that i was neurotic. I even started to play down symptoms of my chest pain, fatigue,memory, incontinence etc. When i logged onto this site it felt like i was ‘coming home’. I have not got a dx but i am with a neurologist now (paid privately) and awaiting scans etc.


Hi h64em

At the very least your GP should order some blood tests as some of these symptoms can be attributable to some easily treatable conditions like vitamin deficiencies, especially B12. If left untreated it can lead to some severe symptoms so your GP should not be ignoring your condition.

You are right not to mention that you have been googling your symptoms. Just tell your GP a list of the main ones that are concerning you right now, keep it short (they tend to switch off if you list every little thing), concentrate on the most serious ones that are causing you the most problems.

The neurological examination will probably include testing your balace, touching your nose (checking co-ordination), testing reflexes. What you are aiming for is a referral to a neurologist or at least some blood tests to rule out anything else before neurological conditions are considered.

Good luck

Tracey x

Hi I am a GP and to be honest, it is better to tell your GP what you are worried about, they might not have thought about MS. I happen to be the lead MS person in my practice and I have learnt loads about this since I was diagnosed, you are right we are generalists and if your GP is unsure or you are ask to be referred for a second opinion, no one will mind.

Forgot to say good luck!

Hello. No matter how your neuro exam goes monday ( its nothing to worry about), let your GP know that you would like to be referred to a neurologist. Considering the symptoms you have, your GP would need a good reason for refusing to refer you. Be assertive…its your body…your life. Good luck! Noreen x

Hello everyone and thank you very much for your comments.

I havent been online over the weekend to see the comments, just read them now and its so good to be able to talk to people about this.

I had my app with my GP this morning. The one I am registered with nad whom I have found in the past to be more willing to listen, this is the first time I have seen her in awhile. I felt that I was listen to today. She checked my eyes, slight double vision when moving my right eye, so she told me to go to my opticians as they can see into the eye better than she could, she also checked reflexes etc., which all appeared to be normal.

She asked if I had any family history of MS or if I was aware of the symptons, as she thought they needed further investigation and is referring me to a neurologist! I’m so glad she mentioned it first!!

So now to wait. I am going to try and stop thinking about it all the time as im sure this will only cause anxiety, which in turn will make things worse!

i had my 1st neurology appointment yesterday and doctor says i havnt got ms even though got all the signs, he is sending me for a ct