Could I have MS and how do I get my doctor to listen.

Firstly I should say I am aware noone on here can diagnose me its just opinions and a bit of support I am after as I have already tried speaking to a doctor.

About a year ago I woke up with a numb shoulder thought i slept on it funny until it happened every night and i couldnt feel my hands every morning for weeks and months. Then during the day i would love the feeling in my toes on my right leg couples with severe constant pins and needles and random muscle twitches. I went to my doctor as it got worse and worse but they told me it was a mental health issue after a brief physical exam so I felt deflated and a bit silly. I changed jobs as the leg symptoms seemed to only start at my previous job but things got a bit worse one of my shins goes completely numb to the touch and i trip over my own foot a lot like im not lifting it as much as it should. Then sexual disfunction started I can no longer feel sensations of that nature without going into embarrasing details. My body no longer feels like my own I get tired and ache all over. The symptoms seem to get a lot worse then i have a spell where it feels better for a little while i even had about 5 weeks where my arms werent numb but it came back again. Swallowing food has gotten very strange I have to double swallow a lot and feel like when i do the food is really difficult to go down.

Could this be MS? And how do i get a doctor to listen I have bipolar disorder and everytime i go to the doctor they seem to blame everything on my mental health.

Sorry for the long post thanks for reading


Take out the guesswork: You need to get a second opinion or a referral to a neurologist

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