am i experiencing ms symptons ?

iam a 21 year old female and for the past few months i have been experiencing horrible dizzy spells and feeling very tired , suffering with pins and needles , weaknesses in arms and legs , confused and forgetting .i can be feeling fine and then suddenly suffer a dizzy spell , and nearly pass out .my arms and legs get cramps or feel weak .On the first accasion my blood pressure was checked and was high to.My friends are always telling me im forgetting things and i find it hard to get my words out sometimes or get mixed up .i try getting plenty of sleep but it doesnt help , i still feel so tired .i have been reading up about ms and thought some of my symptons were similar .many thanks , natasha

Your symptoms could fit any number of things, rather than keep reading up about the symptoms I think the best thing to do is see your GP & perhaps ask to be referred to a neurologist. A neuro is the only person that might be able to diagnose you, but be prepared for lots of tests & what could be a very long wait, MS is notoriously difficult to diagnose.

Rosina x

Hi Natasha,

So many symptoms can be lots of different things.

Try and write the symptoms down and how long they lasted. Go and see your GP.

He will refer you for tests.

Jen xx