Help with shoes

Does anyone have any helpful tips for putting on shoes please?

I have rescued a puppy who spent his first 8 months in a cage and then the owners wanted him put to sleep.

(He has been a handful but is getting better every day)

There is a break in the rain and would love to take him out - he walks well alongside my salsa chair - but really frustrated as can’t get shoes on and can’t trust weather to go out not wearing them.

What exactly is the problem? If you could describe what aspect of shoe-putting-on (great use of English!) is causing you difficulty perhaps there will be tips from the resourceful folk here.


We have been talking about the Betterlife catalogue on hear - they do all sorts of aids to help you dress. When l had my hip-hop-op l had to get a long handled shoe horn and a gripper rod -which l am still using to get my shoes on. [ like the Hotter ones with the velcro strap across] - even use the gripper to pull up my drawers.

When l started reading your post - l thought you were going to say the new puppy was running off with your shoes and chewing them. Most of my OH’s boots/trainers have doggy teethmarks decorating the edges!!!

Been out with my two dogs on my Tramper - this morning - luckilly we got back without getting wet this time.

All the best to you - and l hope you get to be able to put your shoes on.

The problem with shoes is holding my leg in a suitable position for long enough so that I can somehow hook my shoe on. Can’t manage at all if foot on floor.

Will check through the betterlife catalogue.