Good Website for Aids to Help Us Dress etc


I have found a brilliant website where you can order items that help with everyday activities like dressing, cooking, etc etc.

I have found some really brill stuff on there like a long shoehorn, a grabber to pick up stuff from the floor and other useful stuff.

The link is

Hope you enjoy looking through it.

Shazzie x

Hi Shazzie,

thanks for the link! I have been wondering where to get items like those on the website. Really helpful!!!

Asher xx

That’s ok Asher. I really like the website.

I don’t use a lot of aids at the moment as I am still able to walk a little but there are a couple of things that have made my life a lot easier.

I have a big german shepherd, Charlie, and I still like to throw his favourite ball for him to fetch and when he drops it at my feet I have trouble picking it up because of my balance problems so I ordered a grabber for £3.95 and it came 2 days later and I use that so I can still exercise him!!

So glad you liked the site. I was a bit worried cause it went onto page 2 without anyone replying.

Thanks for replying Asher.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie

Have you tried the ball launcher for Charlie. I have managed to find a telescopic one which fits in my pocket then extends so that I do not have to bend to pick the ball up. Brilliant gadget and the dog loves it. There we are talking dogs again - apologies! PS Have just had a look at the website some very useful ideas for the Christmas list.


Don’t apologise to me for talking dogs Dinks. Charlie is my best mate!! And I know you feel the same about your doggy!!

No. I haven’t seen the telescoptic launcher. That sounds fun. I will definitely be ordering one.

Glad you like the website! The long shoe horn is really good and I reckon the prices are quite cheap.

Shazzie x

I’ve just had another look through the website and there are some brill stuff in the kitchen and cutlery section.

Anything to make life easier eh?

Shazzie xx

l have just ordered one from amazon - looks much tougher then the ones we have had before. £6.38p free delivery. l hate picking up the balls when they are all ‘slobbery’. l have to find extra tough balls though - as my dogs soon make short work of those light ones - and the heavier solid ones they nibble at until they are square.

l see you can get retractable ‘grabber sticks’ from betterlife. l have become quite adept at using mine. At the rehab/physio unit l attend the nurses give out these Lloyds Betterlife catalogues. Certainly, the prices are good - compared to other companies.

Right now - as it is too wet to go out - my dogs have decided to help by making kindling out of the logs stacked by the woodburner!


I know. My shepherd Charlie is chasing his Kong around. They are really strong. If I give him a tennis ball it lasts about 20 seconds!!

Nightmare exercising them in the wet isn’t it?

Shazzie xx

Shazzie, Just been out for a long trek on my Tramper with my two rotties. Luckilly, it did not rain whilst l was out - but everywhere is very muddy. Mine never go to the toilet when out - so they are always ‘busting’ by the time l get back. l have rubbed them down and shut them in the leanto with their kongs to dry off. l take my grabber stick with me on the scooter as l do a ‘womble’ and pick up all the take-away rubbish that the kind drivers like to throw out of their cars down lovely country lanes. As soon as l have lit the wood-burner they will come in and make themselves comfy in the armchairs.

l usually have a rottie and a german shepherd - love them both. ln fact since last year - this is the first time in 55yrs that l have not had a GSD. My young rottie - has had some training as a therapy dog. He keeps by my side all the time - even off the lead. Opens doors - tries to help take off my gloves and socks - not always when l want him to. But they both look both ways and behind when we reach a crossroads or junction and never move off unless its clear. Which can be a problem when a car is facing us at the crossroads on the village green and the driver is waving me on - and the dogs think l should stay put. l know they can tell when someone is ‘smiling’ at them - as they get excited and think it must be someone they know.