We all have wee hints and tips which we probably think are obvious to everyone else, but are they?

These are some of mine.

If you go on holiday and forget your dressing stick go to the nearest shoe shop and get a long handled shoe horn. This will do almost everything a dressing stick does, except pull up a zip, and costs a lot less.

I use shoe horns from that famous Scandi flat pack place, because theirs have a pointy end which makes picking up the car keys easier too.

If you need to pick up something heavy and awkward throw a large towel on the floor, flatten it out as much as possible, move the item on to the towel, use your dressing aid/ shoe horn to pick up the four corners to your preferred hand, and then pick up the item. I do this if I knock my laptop off of the table.

If I drop something small like deoderant in the bedroom I loosely tie the legs of my trousers together, push the item just past the waistband, use the aid to lift the trousers and hey ho.

If the car door handle is too far away buy one of the short length dressing sticks and use the bent end to pull/push the door.

That’s all from me just now, but I want to come back and find oodles more from other members.

Welcome,to the forum Dusti. I would add to the multi use utensil - i have an old squeegee that comes from a well known cooking / cleaning implement shop that does wonders for pulling dropped items within reach. (In addition to the one in the bathroom that does ‘normal’ squeegee duties.

So anything that is perhaps too small for the usual grabber, falls within the squeegee remit! Amazing how inventive we can be when disability forces it.