Help with CBD oil

Morning all, Just wanted help with what is the best and safest dose to start out with if you’ve never used CBD oil before, any help would be good,


Jean x

Hello Jean,

I am pleased you are prepared to use CBD. Usually, it is best to start with a low dose, say three times a day, and then build it up until you find the correct level for you. It helps to be consistent with your intake, in other words, avoid missing doses.

Other users and I could offer you more advice, possibly, if you let us know what is the CBD content of your oil.

Best wishes,


Hi Alun, tanks for your reply, I was looking at taking capsules that contain 6.4mg, they suggested taking 1 or 2 a day, what’s your thoughts on this, thanks Jean

What are the benefits of taking CBD oil ?


I can only speak for myself, of course, but the benefits for me are:

a life free of neuropathic pain; no prescription medication required

improved sleep pattern

improved sense of wellbeing

improved bladder control, although this may be enhanced by my use of Biotin.



Thank you for the update.

6.4mgs per capsule is a reasonably strong dose; I have compared this with the amounts quoted by my supplier.

I would probably start with two per day; one in the morning and one later and go from there. You can always adjust according to any results you may have.

It works for me, as I said in my reply to Scudger, but that is all I can say. Keep an open mind and give it time to take any effect.

Best wishes,


Thanks for that Alun, I will certainly give it a go once I’m completely off the Gabepentin, I’m waiting because I don’t want to confuse the 2, thanks again and a Merry Christmas, Jean