Any views on CBD oil alongside small dose pregabalin?

I’ve reduced my pregabalin to 75mg twice daily recently as the 150mg was making me zombified and unable to be active enough to lose some weight. It was also not really having much effect on my lower back and leg spasm and tightness pains. As NHS here not prescribing sativex , I’ve bought some CBD under tongue spray, it’s full spectrum 2.5mg dose up to four times a day. I’m a bit nervous but if it’s harmless and it works it would make such a difference to me .

Hi I could not be without my CBD but I take a very high dose in fact the highest available I started slowly with just a tiny drop a day before bed and now take 3 drops before bed but it has taken 3 years for me to tolerate that dose I believe there is a support page on facebook for people using CBD I am so sorry I haven’t used it for a long time so can’t remember what it is called The first time I took a drop of the oil I felt like all my symptoms came back but the people on the support group kept encouraging me to continue by the third day I really didn’t think I could go through with another dose but plucked up some courage and to be honest I never looked back I felt a lightless in my body and was slowly able to reduce all my drugs Baclofen and codiene I also lost 2 stone without dieting ( plus I have never put it back on 3 yrs later) I know for some people it doesn’t work at all but all I can say is if was like a miracle for me I also learnt a lot about cannabis products in general There is hot chocolate, edibles gummy bears chocolate bars I also learnt how to use very small doses of THC cannabis oil for pain which I have foond to be the ultimate pain relief I so hope it works for you but don’t be afraid the worst it can do is make you sleepy

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Hi,Im on Pregabalin & use CBD Oil. I find the CBD Oil far more beneficial.


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My sister tried CBD oil and it made no difference. CBD oil has no peer researched review that it helps in pain relief, especially neurogenic pain. Pregablin and similar medication such as Gabapetin may help, but made me feel like a Zombie. It’s recently been discovered that a very old anti-depressant called Amitriptylene does help with neurogenic pain.

My MS nurse prescribed it to me 1x 10 mg at bedtime, it helped slightly but when she doubled it to 2 x 10mg at night, the pain was tolerable. An MS researched programme found that 50 to 60%of people with MS take Amitriptyline with good results. See:

I started taking CBD oil only after I finished a course on pregabalin. Perhaps these two substances can be combined. I’m not an expert. However, I’d first consult with my attending physician if I were you. If you don’t have any problems with this, he’ll allow you to buy a few bottles of CBD oil to take in small doses. I never increase the dose without a medical decision. Maybe I’m just too worried about the consequences. After a week had passed since I stopped drinking pregabalin, my doctor ordered me to buy oil (removed by moderator) What do you think about it? Maybe you will do the same as me?

CBD can affect everyone differently, which is why a specific dosage that works for you might not work for someone else. You could experiment with what dosage makes you feel relaxed but still active and productive. I don’t take CBD daily, but when I do, it can be between 25 and 50 mg per day, depending on the level of anxiety I experience that day and the activities I need to do. However, consistent use brings more benefits for stress and anxiety management. Another important aspect is the type of CBD you use. Once I found a (removed by moderator) that sells high-quality oil that doesn’t contain artificial ingredients, it strongly reduced my mood swings and negative behaviors.