Biotin and CBD queries.

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for advice on the dosage of biotin, I’m on tecfidera and it’s causes me to have very bad hair loss, bad skin and weak nails and I feel bad enough without looking the part !

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is the highest dosage of biotin I can take as the Internet hasn’t got one clear answer when I google it!

Im also looking for any info on CBD oil, has anyone tried it or any advice at all about it? Holland and Barrett’s sell Jacob Hooy CBD+ Oil 10ml which has good reviews but I don’t want to waste money on something that isn’t beneficial to me

Thanks as always for reading!


The MedDay Biotin trial is for 100mg X 3 times a day.

Look on CBD Users UK for medicinal use. Or Cannabis Brothers UK. They will help you.

facebook group ‘Biotin for Progressive MS.’

and ‘Vitamin D Protocol North America’ lots of help also.

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Take a look at this thread and the links therein. You should find some useful pointers.