Hi everyone, hope you’re all as well as you can be, I need some help and advice, I want to buy my first scooter, now I’m looking for something that be dismantled and but in the boot of my car, however I have to be able to do this myself, not all the time, but I want to be able to go to town on my own get the scooter out of the car, build it and then do the same in reverse, now I went to look at one at the weekend, yes I was supposed to able to do all this, and couldn’t, I think it was a elite light, now I found this to heavy, so has anyone got any ideas, take care all, Jean x

sent you a link via PM. maria

Hi Jean,

I’ve just bought an NHC Zen S11 - it’s one of the lighter ones at 60kg (!), and I bought it with the intention of putting it in the car, specifically to take the dog places that I can walk him. It hasn’t been near the car yet, I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a ramp, but the scooter is great for taking him out on the roads round about the house (we were out for the second time today). I think that even if I do dismantle the scooter down far enough to be able to lift the bits into the car, I’m going to be too tired when I want to go home to do that again, but I’ll see how I get on, it might be less energy consuming than I think. Definitely need to get used to driving the thing and controlling the dog at the same time before I go anywhere where there might be more than 2 people!

Luisa x

I think the ability to take apart and lift into the car by yourself is the hardest part.

I looked for something that my daughter could lift into the car but she found even the supposedly super light ones too heavy. (Mind you she’s only a slip of a thing!)
I liked the idea of ones that just fold up like the Luggie or TGA Buddie because they don’t need taking apart or putting together but of course then you are lifting the whole thing not component parts.
The next thing to think about would be a hoist – would that be possible? If I still drove I think that would be my choice – a folding scooter and some kind of electrical lifting device.


Thanks for you’re replies, I will look at the ones suggested, but this isn’t going to be as easy as I thought, Jean x


Scooter suitability changes as your needs change so what is right now may not be in 12 months time.

When I first bought my Pride Elite, I could dismantle it and put it into the boot myself, now I can’t.

Longer term solutions are adapted cars with ramps or hoists to get the scooter in and out.

Sorry I’ve not been much help.

Hi Jean, remember when we met and I took you to see Shopmobility? Why not try a few goes on their scooters before you buy one.

Yes, theirs are quite big, but at least you would get a feel for scootering. I used them before i got my own scooter. you just pre-book, turn up at Zetland St and ring to say you have arrived, someone will bring a scooter out to you and then when youve done, call them again to collect the scooter.

It`s a wonderful service…and all free!!

Let me know what you think, eh?

luv Pollx