Help swollen stomach and relapse

Hi need some advice I’m going thru a replace for the last month lost all feeling in my body and the use of my legs and hands but what worries me is I’ve got a very swollen stomach look pregnant I’ve been tested for water infection and I’m all clear I’m on steriods but nothing is changing aapart from me getting more depressed and fed up not sure what it is I’ve not had this before so any advice would be grateful

hi there

sorry to hear that- it makes perfect sense that you feel irritated to say the least… remember that having a relapse alone makes you feel shite, and other accompanying things will make you feel worse.

i have been feeling crap with bloatedness as well and have started taking soem of those little yogurts that are supposed to relief the trapped wind feeling. not had any relief yet but will let you know if they work.

in the meantime, don’t give yourself a hard time- you’ve got a lot on your plate and need to give yourself a break until out of relapse.

take care, look after yourself and think about the yoghurt drinks xx

Gluten. It sounds like Coeliac disease.