Help, I am worrying so much I am making myself worse.

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Hope you’re all well?

I’ve had symptoms for a number of years, they settled and then returned in the Summer then again in September.

My symptoms are terrible fatigue, speech difficulties, dizziness, falling over and poor balance, terrible head fog, I have pains and stiffness in my fingers with tingling. I have a stiff/sore arm and just this week I have an awfully painful hip, it feels like it’s pulling or burning.

My GP sent me for a MRI and the results from the radiologist say ‘ Mew foci of abnormal SI are seen in the subcortical and deep
white matter of both cerebral hemispheres. No related edema
or mass effect. No restriction on DWs, considering the
patient’s age, these white matter lesions raise the
possibility of demyelination disease (MS) or vasculitis for
neurological consultation. No lesions noted at the scanned
part of cervical cord on FLAIR images’

My GP pulled me on for an appointment and said although she can’t confirm MS it is likely and she did an urgent referral to neurology. She said if I have not heard within 3 weeks I should look to go private.

The waiting is the absolute worse and I am driving myself crazy.

What will happen next? Do you think the doctor is right and it is MS. I have to point out my blood work is perfect.


Sounds like your GP is on the case but working in a dysfunctional system. No point asking us what we think: we’re not Doctors and don’t have access to your MRI. Neurology is a closed shop - nobody else is allowed to officially make a MS diagnosis. Not even neurosurgeons.

Do as your GP says and start pestering for your appointment. Contact the Neurology dept at your local NHS Trust and speak to the medical secretaries. Someone will eventually bite but expect to get passed around a lot. Speak to your GP again and get a name within the Neuro dept. I’m afraid it’s he who shouts loudest gets heard at the moment.


:cry:. Thank you.

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