help gift ideas please

hi my mother in law is 60 on tuesday and we are struggling to think of ideas to get for her special day, she is blind now and bedridden in the carehome, she is in constant pain and cant get in her chair anymore, she has lots of nightys and perfumes which dont get used she lives in her vest tops and a bed sheet over her, really am stuck for ideas help needed please

Hi, oh this is sad, as your mum is only the same age as me and is having a tough time of it. I am wondering why she is in so much pain. Can you speak to her doctor about a better system of pain relief?

Present ideas is a difficult one, but what about some talking books? or some CDs of music she likes?

Probably the best present you can give her is good quality time, talking to her and holding her hand.

I hope she has a happy birthday, bless her.

luv Pollx

I don’t know if this idea is possible because of the problem with pain but have you thought of getting a mobile beauty therapist to come and give her a pampering? perhaps a relaxing facial/gentle massage or manicure or simular. Having someone do her hair after as well could be a nice treat. Teresa.x

thanks thats nice ideas, as to her pain management this is something that is still being looked at she is on morphine they tried uping the dosage but the side effects make her feel worse so its ongoing trying to find the best one for her.

Oh we seem to be on the same boat. My mum is 60 in September and she’s terrible to buy for. She likes perfume, doesn’t wear make-up, is a big lady and doesn’t like the idea of a massage or facial, she likes gold jewellery though. So I think jewelry is a way to go for me. Wanna get something from this collection

How about mobile beauty therapist to come and give her a pampering? :blush:

You can come up with a lot. Maybe she likes to read or listen to books? Maybe she loves massage? I am always looking for gift ideas on the internet and various sites like . So look for something related to her hobbies. Also a good gift is to spend time together. I think she will be very happy if you stay with her all day!