Mum's birthday

Hi everyone,

My mum has had relapsing remitting MS since before I was born (I am now in my 20’s), over the past few years her diagnosis changed to progressive MS alongside a few other conditions such as fibromyalgia and epilepsy. After having epileptic fits within the last year she is no longer able to drive and is dependent on my dad and her friends, her birthday is coming up and I wondered if anyone else was in a similar position and could think of their perfect presents. My mum is my world and I want her birthday to be as perfect as it possibly can be since I can’t be with her at the time (College and other deadlines have come up that I can’t avoid). Is there any gift that would be fantastic for someone with limited mobility that you could think of? Unfortunately due to my own mental health situation I am being offered my final opportunities to retake exams so cannot be with her.

Any suggestions would be massively appreciated,

Thank you