Gift Ideas for someone with MS


A very good friend of mine has be diagnosed with MS 10 years ago, he is almost disabled waist down. He does have a very strong personalty and a fighter.

I would like to know what would be few good gift ideas for a person with MS for his birthday. He is not into books unfortunately.

Thank you

Something funny, MS doesn’t define someone, what does he like? A present for a £ or a hundred is well received if thought about. MS or not Tracey


A trip out with friends ie to the cinema or for a meal or to see a band.


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This may sound a bit unusual I know but iv given this to a lot of my friends and they have thanked me later for it… A cd recording of wind chimes , sound of rain/water on the sea shore, song birds or wind in the trees. Great to have to hand for those times when we need to just do nothing else but to close our eyes and relax. Listened to at low volume can work wonders. Another thing IV given to several is a soft light that gives off pastel colours that change, I have one that I use often that can be used with aromatherapy scents .

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anything that shows you have put a lot of thought into it will be gratefully received.

as a teenager i was passionate about humpback whales.

years later i got married and one of my oldest friends adopted a whale for me as a wedding present.

that is the one gift that i will never forget.


In my opinion you can not go wrong with a gift of time… What I mean is visit your friend and have a chat or a coffee. If possible take them out. We all get so wrapped up in how busy life gets, so if you share / give some time it has massive value.

if you need to hand something over you might want to try some kind of voucher for something that your friend has an interest in.

I am rubbish at gifts so I will shut up. Gifts are for people irrespective of any underlying condition, just give it a little thought. I.E no footballs for friends with leg issues, no books for friends with reading issues or no origami gifts for friends with hand issues.

i hope you don’t think I am being simplistic.

good luck Mick


PS If you can’t visit your friend, give them a call or Skype …

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Showing a person that you care about them can be seen by them as a gift in itself. No matter which way you do it, by giving them a thought–full gift or spending time with them and making sure that they know that you are truely listening to them and trying to understand the things that concern them.

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How about a lovely massage?


Thinking just the same as Poll. Treatment from neurophysio for massage or even Reflexology session or one-to-one Pilates. All very helpful to me. l have recently bought myself a small cycling exerciser. Can’t manage on a static cycle - but this l can place in front of my chair and lift my feet onto the pedals and after a few sessions l am now able to do much more. l cannot walk unaided - so this has been good for me. Keeps your blood circulating and joints and muscles revitalised. And you can also place it on a table top and use yours hands to turn it. Got it from amazon for about £20.

And of course a bottle of Vitd3 Healthy Origins 10,000ius - 360. softgels. Everyone needs one of these.

Although this not directly connected with presents, reg massage, the new support group IV been going to the past two months has as part of its meetings a free massage. IV been having the hand massage, i would never have believed how relaxing it was, i almost go to sleep when i get it, it’s so amazing.

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I recently organised a gift card for someone in Canada. She’s young and has been ill for a couple of years now. It isn’t going to get better…:frowning:

She “likes” a nearby gastro pub on Facebook. So, for no other reason than to brighten her day, I emailed the pub and asked could they post her a voucher. After a couple of exchanges, I phoned and gave bank card details and amount. That person said she’d add another amount to it and buy a greeting card to put it in, and post it on her way home! Needless to say, the recipient was in floods of tears, thrilled at the prospect of an evening out at her convenience and astounded at the skullduggery that went on to achieve it! :slight_smile:

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That was a lovely thing you did poppy, no wonder they were in tears

Yes David, funny thing was though, after the tears, her mum told me what she found amazing was the ripple effect. That young girl smiled all day, her parents were smiling at the cloak and dagger secrecy, the lady at the pub was smiling. She loved the idea of it being arranged as a surprise and being involved in it made her smile. She asked that I might let her know this young girls reaction on receiving the gift. And of course my husband and I smiled just knowing such a small, simple act gave so much joy. And smiles! :slight_smile:

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That is a truely beautiful and wonderful story and not only that poppy that has made everyone in here smile too

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Some lovely ideas here.

What about a Starbucks gift card or similar? It can be registered and topped up.

Cds are always good I find that enya really calms me hope this helps sail away baby

Hi and sorry for reviving, I didn’t find a more relevant thread. Thank you all for the ideas, but I still can’t figure out what to do. Unfortunately, I now live far from my grandmother and can not congratulate her personally. Can I use any delivery service? Do you have any advice?
Finally, I’m thinking about flowers, have you ever heard about this service - or some similar ones?