Help for names of pain treatment

Hiya For those who helped me last week with my post on coming of pregablin . I finally had call to say a nurse will call me tomorrow at 3 to discuss treatment . Can everyone give me some names of meds I could ask for please . Been on gabapentine , pregablin . I’ want to get as many as possible ready so I can tell her what’s available . You know these days they won’t say what u can have as it may be to expensive . I want to be armed snd ready with info when she calls at three tomorrow . Hope you can help Any medication you been in that helps with nerve pain of ms can u tell me please and if it’s helped you etc . Really struggling need help off you guys to help me inform pain clinic . Hope this makes sense Hope your all well as can be xxxx


sorry i didnt see your original post. i take amytriptyline,mainly for the pains that were in my head,not like headaches, shooting throbbing pains through the middle, its effective.

i understand its cheap too-so both dr and i are happy.

hope u find something that suits u.

ellie x

Hiya Yeah I take that before I go to bed xxx Thanks hope your well xxxx


For neuropathic pain in my legs I take Gabapentin and it seems to be working for me. Hope that helps.


This seems to be pretty comprehensive and might give you some ideas:

Karen x

Thanks guys xxxx

i take a tramadol and once again its cheap hence i get it 150 at a time and i find that works realy well for me but like all meds all people are diffrent and you may have to try a few different meds to find what works best for you.

I take Naproxen and Amitriptyline for pain works a treat…

Hi new to the forum & MS. Diagnosis of benign over 3 years ago. Last December suffered

from a relapse and then got a common cold on top of it which was diagnosed as a pseudo

relapse. Most of the relapse symptoms took 1-6 mths to reverse. The pseudo portion

left me with a discomfort at night that causes a loss of sleep throughout the night

and pain during the episodes that wake me.

Just recently my neurologist put me on a low dose of pregablin. 50mg. First night

was good …pain was significantly less. Wold like to hear your experiences if you are currently

using this medication.

Thanks, for sharing Al

Hi Al,

Can I just comment that you’ve joined a thread which was last active in 2012. You might find you get more relevant and up to date info by starting a new thread. You just tap the New Thread button, give it a title and go from there.

Meanwhile, I don’t get what is meant by a diagnosis of ‘benign’ MS. If it was that benign, it wouldn’t be MS would it?

Plus, having relapses seems to put you firmly in the RR category. Or was your original diagnosis a form of CIS (clinically isolated syndrome)?

Equally, I don’t get the idea of a ‘pseudo’ relapse. To me, if it looks and feels like a relapse, then there may be no clinical evidence (i.e. more brain or spinal lesions), but it’s still a relapse.

It just seems to me that you are being guided by someone who uses terms that are outdated and not terribly useful.

Did your diagnosis of benign MS therefore mean that you weren’t offered a DMD (disease modifying drug) to stave off potential relapses? Nowadays, even a diagnosis of CIS entitles you to some of the DMDs, even if not the more effective ones.

If I were in your shoes, I’d be trying to establish exactly what your MS nurse or neurologist (whoever is guiding you through the MS maze) means by the terms benign and pseudo. And see if you can get on a DMD to hopefully prevent more relapses, real or pretend!


Thanks, Sue

I’m from Canada the Vancouver area and the diagnosis and treatments appear

to be different. Here in Canada they put the label on MS by the frequency

of the initial attacks. If your first two attacks are 10 years or over apart they call it

benign. I’ve learned that in the first 3 years of my diagnoses there is nothing

benign about thr symptoms. I’ve never been recommended any DMD medication

and was not aware of the possibilities of preventing a relapse. Just recently

I started getting a serious pinning on my left arm that carried on through the night.

I was recommended a medication called lyrica or pregablin. I was just curious if there was anyone else taking this and what experiences they had.

Thanks Al

There are multiple medications that can help relieve low back pain associated with degenerative disc disease. Any medication, including many non-prescription (over-the-counter) drugs, should be taken under a physician’s care, direction, and supervision. Many of the pain medications below should not be taken by people with certain health conditions (e.g., diabetics should not use oral steroids since the medication increases blood sugar levels). Patients should ask their physicians and pharmacists about potential side effects of any medication. For more detail - Pain Medications for Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment