Help! Catheters (4) needed Northallerton area

Hello all. Happy Easter Just wondered if anyone locally could lend me 4 catheters and I will replace next week. Getting very low and busy husband unable to pick up prescription before Easter. Love Spike xx


What catheters are you looking for. And why not ring the district nurses and explain what has happened - its an emergency - and they will always have some in stock.

l have a SPC - and l order mine from Wilkinsons - they sort out the prescription and all l have to do is ring them the order and they deliver to the door. Usually, l get a years supply in one go.

lf you say what area you live perhaps someone close to you will be able to help you. With prescriptions, l just ask the surgery to send them straight to the pharmacy -which is next door to them - and they will deliver.

But do ring the local district nurses - l am sure they will be able to help.

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