Peristeen supplies

Just wondering if anybody is having difficulties getting hold of the catheters for Peristeen.

My prescription was written last Monday and I’ve been told today by the pharmacy that they can’t get hold of them. I’ve been told to ring the doctors and get an alternative prescribed.


Hi Sarah Have you tried contacting Coloplast who make them? I think they’d be your best option. I can’t think of any other way. Good luck Cath

I got in touch with them to see if they were having a problem but they said there isn’t a problem. I’m in the process of registering with them to get future supplies directly. I just need the Doctors to get in touch with Coloplast as I can’t have them unless they do!

Hopefully it’ll all soon be sorted!


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I’m glad you got sorted out. It’s worrying when you can’t get supplies of catheters or other equipment when you rely heavily on them.


Hi Sarah

I order my catheters direct from Coloplast and they ask the GP for a prescription, never had a problem doing it that way, hope it works for you.

Pam x