Incontinence & Bowel Problems

I have been on this forum before a few years ago I now have an indwelling catheter that was put in on the 23rd of august as i was going to the Loo 20 times per day so i had to fill in a form and take it to the Continence Nurse.

I have Contacted the District Nurse for Valve supplies as ive used mine still not happened and for cath secure as i cannot use the leg band as my legs swell up.

I am also waiting to have a Colostomy Operation in a few weeks time Bowel Incontince ive been having this Problem since i had my Son 28 Years Ago.

The Nhs Are So Slow.

What can i do.


Hi Sparklebright. My sympathies. My Dad had an in dwelling catheter for quite some time. I can’t now remember the web-site/ supplier but I used to order various catheter supplies for him ( as you are finding , the NHS could be slow so we always kept a good ‘back up’ stock in the house ). I can’t remember the prices but they weren’t bad and the deliveries were fairly quick