HELP! (27M) Muscle twitching, dysphagia, vibrating foot

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone on here can help.

Since the end of April I’ve been having symptoms that seem to be consistent with ms or so I think so. I have been having muscle twitches in mainly my right foot with involuntary movement in my big toe. My foot also vibrates intermittently like a phone ringing, this can last days at a time. My left foot also twitches on the inside arch too. My feet aren’t numb and don’t really tingle more of a vibrating sensation. I also seem to have a fear of swallowing and food seems to be taking a lot longer to chew, my mouth feels a lot dryer, I don’t have any trouble swallowing liquid or tablets, no slurred speech or loss of balance. I have little to no appetite all
Of the time and I tend to be going to the bathroom more often than before. My doctor examined me for potential neuropathy but as there was no loss of feeling in my feet they ruled this out and said that it might just go away. I seem to be consuming thousands of calories but To no avail, Just seems that there could be so
Much more at play here I have had a bunch of bloods done and all came back clear and didn’t show up anything, urine tests for diabetes. I have a ct coming up to check my stomach and abdomen for any reason why this might be, is any of this consistent with anyone’s symptoms? Thankyou

You need an mri buddy. Everyone would just be guessing if it’s ms or not. Those things are ms symptoms but it might not be. You need an mri


MS isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but I think you should probably see some specialists. I’d start with a gastroenterologist and then possibly an endocrinologist.

Diabetes was one of my initial guesses, but I’m assuming they did a blood test for that? A urine test doesn’t cut it. There are any number of autoimmune disorders out there, but the fact that you’re not absorbing nutrients is concerning. It’s possible that your foot muscles are reacting to the lack.

They said it wouldn’t be diabetes I did raise the possibility of polyneuropathy, they’ve also checked my blood sugars multiple times. The lack of appetite does concern me but I continue to eat a surplus of over 3000+ calories a day even if it is a struggle.

Thanks for the replies, I also posted this on a forum regarding ALS but they said it doesn’t seem at all consistent for that, my CT on my abdomen and pelvis is on Thursday so I will keep everyone updated, I am also due to have a colonoscopy after the CT, however the muscle twitching and the intermittent vibrations are concerning me. When my foot isn’t vibrating it’s twitching, when it’s not twitching it’s vibrating and also I get twitches in my left foot occasionally as well as the odd one in my thigh and leg. Not sure if the dysphagia is more of an anxious thing or a medical issue because the more I think of it the worse it gets. Thanks

EDIT - Have got an appointment with a different GP not at my surgery on Thursday evening for my feet, for a second opinion/ examination, the person on the phone said because the vibration is only in one foot it is more likely to
Be muscular skeletal and not neural, even though I have muscle twitching in other places, what questions can I ask to be put forward for an MRI? I don’t want to keep being dismissed as a muscular problem as I’m sure it’s something else.

As you seem to have malabsorption problems the thing that springs to mind regarding the muscle twitching and vibrations is magnesium deficiency. Most people are deficient in magnesium as soils and therefore food is depleted in it, these days, and because crops are grown with too much fertiliser. If you are not digesting food properly then that increases the risk of deficiency.

over 3000+ calories a day?

Are you very active then? Calories it depends on whether they are good or bad calories?

as to the rest well like others have said it is so non specific but could be something as that is how MS can start.

Fear of swallowing kind of sounds a little bit like anxiety to me. I mean if you can swallow tablets…I struggle to swallow tablets lol.

going more to bathroom can be an increase in sugar or just drinking more fluids.

You said you I SEEM TO BE CONSUMING THOUSANDS of calories but to no avail?

what is the obsession wit the calories?

I eat less as i am sedantary and i check everything for sugar content. Like low fat doesnt mean low sugar and carbs it can be low fat with a huge content of sugar.

Doesnt mean your diabetic but that sugar can make you feel out of sorts.

Just would be interested in your take on calorie intake.

I work as a bar manager so on my feet for the majority of the day, around 2 months ago I started declining in weight pretty rapidly so I made a conscious effort to eat more, however I should be putting weight on eating this amount of food and unfortunately am not, I am also going to the bathroom 4-5 times a day. The doc on the phone said because the vibrations aren’t bilateral (in both my feet) it’s more than likely a trapped nerve, however I did explain that the twitching is also intermittent in my left foot as well as my right so I’ll have to wait and see what the gp says when I go to see him.

Stress can drop weight hun, sounds like your running around like a looney tune lol. Weight well it depends on what your eating. Just because you eat over 3000 calories doesnt mean you will put weight on. It depends on how many calories your burning off a day. I bet its more then you think.

My husband had a high stress job and was like a rake yet he could eat a ton of pies, and bad things lol.

Have you had your tyroid checked out?

Yeah I’ve had my thyroid checked, no issues as far as I’m aware. Just so confusing the symptoms. Initially I thought I may of had ALS because of the fasculations in my feet, however tingling and burning sensations aren’t consistent with it as well as the vibration in just my right foot, as with MS the muscle twitches are usually jerks of the full muscle and not a twitch, so I don’t fully understand. That and the fact that I’m only 27 so the chance of ALS is v low, the problem I have is trying to get the doctor to push my further to actually see a neuro and have an EMG or an mri conducted, to eliminate or confirm either of these, but because I have no muscle weakness they are reluctant to go any further, that and the fact that the anti anxiety meds that I’m on (fluxoteine) are still waiting to kick in, I’m only two weeks in. :disappointed: Very stressful and I’m in a loop and vicious circle of continually going to DR google all hours of the day. It’s impossible to stop myself and it is wearing me down

I have issues every day have you got a partner?

I am having similar issues but have recently had a clear MRI due to see another neurologist in August. I’ve also had other symptoms such as numbness, pins and needles, tremor and more.
However, it was brought to my attention last week that the Covid jab has been having this effect on some people.
I had a look back over my GP notes and I first contacted my doctor a week after my second jab.
Just a thought, I’m not certain it’s that with me ( waiting for specialist advice ) but have you had your jab ?

Hi fizzyfeet, unfortunately I haven’t had any Covid vaccine as I’m too scared with the symptoms going on. The symptoms also include an unquenchable thirst, as I say I have a CT tomorrow as well as an appointment with a senior clinician so will post an update with any progress.

i find it odd i think you said you were tested for diabetes but all your symptoms point to it, loss of weight, need to eat high calories, tiredness numb feet and excessive water intake.

I had a special blood test when they checked me, which can indicate if you ever have had diabetes or if its active or something it has a name but cant remember and mine clearly showed i never had diabetes.

Just would say with your symptoms you couldnt get more classic.

Are just found it on my bookmarks.

An HbA1c test is also used to diagnose diabetes , and to keep an eye on your levels if you’re at risk of developing diabetes (you have prediabetes). The test is sometimes called haemoglobin A1c or just A1c.

Thankyou, I will bring this up at my doctors appointment later today. Will let everyone know the outcome

UPDATE - CT done waiting results, doctors are sending me for some more bloods including the diabetes one as well as referring me to a neurologist for the fasculations. Wait could be three months or more though

i had my blood test done in a day and results in 2, it was such a relief to know i had never had diabetes. that results covers SIX MONTHS before the test. good luck with your CT results

Nice my foot is hurting pretty bad today. Got my bloods booked in for tomorrow, will keep you posted with the results.

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Just a quick update on symptoms, still having twitches and cramps but not as bad today and my foot hasn’t vibrated half as much, it might be worth mentioning that I haven’t had any Coca Cola whereas I notmally have about 4 or 5 glasses. Interesting