HELP! (27M) Muscle twitching, dysphagia, vibrating foot

I am glad you are getting checked out. For what it’s worth, your issues sound to me (on the basis of no medical knowledge whatsoever) more likely to be endocrine than central neurological, but time and expert assessment will tell. If there is something endocrine amiss, at least that should be relatively easy to diagnose. I hope that you get some answers soon.


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its full of caffeine. so if you drink say 5 glasses a day it can up the caffeine which can make you feel a bit…

Thankyou Alison and I have no idea what’s going on, I can’t even eat properly now I have two mouthfuls of food and I am full, the vibrations did come back yesterday but are not as bad as they were, as for the fasculations, they are still there and yes crazy chick that is true

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Update - Bloods from the diabetes test and b12 and folics are all normal. I don’t understand what’s going on and im none the wiser. The doctor hasn’t processed the neurology referral yet because they were waiting on my bloods coming back. Annoyed isn’t the word :rage:

I’m finding it hard to eat any food now, just not hungry and my body doesn’t want the food. Certain dry foods too just won’t go down have to Chuck a load of water in my mouth. Could this be anxiety?

Yes. Perhaps try a few days with no media, no google, and just live in the moment, not worrying about your body.

the mind can play a lot of tricks on us. Not saying its that but it can not help can it.

when you eat for example what are doing? are you eating on the RUN so to speak. take time to do something like have a meal no distractions, just look at the plate and enjoy what you have in front of you.

just take time for you, and not worry about anyone else or anything else, and see how it goes. x

Thankyou and yes I’ll have to try, I’m looking to self refer for an MRI but you have to pay per section, obviously I’ll get my head done, but what part of the spine is usually looked at when looking at ms and neuro diseases? I can’t afford to have the full spine and my head but can afford to have my head and one other section done. Thankyou

I’m looking at getting a private MRI done, what parts would I need done, I can only really afford two sections so one would obviously be the head and the second? Would it be lower or upper

UPDATE - Went to the physiotherapist who tested my reflexes and sensations, said the sensations were good but there’s something out of whack with the reflexes, when she hit my knee it would stick out like it’s suppose to but then spasm slightly, anyone had this before?

UPDATE - Had an mri of the head and came back clean, I have to have one of the spine and then a lumber puncture to rule out anything else, spoken to a neurologist who said that a neutrodegenerative disease is at the bottom of his list however not ruling it out, says it could be neuropathy or wouldn’t be surprised if its a slipped disc in the l4-l5 Region. Also said the twitching could be BFS but can’t be certain on anything yet.

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UPDATE- SPINE AND BRAIN MRI ARE CLEAR!!! still got to have a lp to elminate anything else.

It’s good that they’re still running tests, but I do wish they’d figure out what’s causing this!

Me too, so annoying the unknown… I’ll keep everyone updated.

  • Oh also I saw a speech and language therapist who looked at my mouth muscles and in my throat said everything looked normal, also felt my gulp and said it was normal too.

UPDATE - after them failing the lumber puncture three times at bedside on the ward, I got taken to theatre with local numbing, and got the lumber puncture done. Since being in and seeing that the MRIs were clear my appetite has seemed to improved, but still seem to struggle to eat certain things, but definitely a lot better. Twitching and vibrating remains the same.