Hello !

Hi everyone, I have been on the site once before (many years ago) but just wanted to say hi to all and thank you for all the information and discussions…its so nice (although a strange word to use I am sure) to hear other people are having the same problems etc. I am an OT and was diagnosised with MS 5 years ago (whilst working in a Physical disabilities team) anyway if anyone wnats any advice about equipment etc please just ask.


Oh thats not to say I know whats best for people, only you will know what works, but may be able to advise on what, where and how to obtain things


Hello Alexa,

Welcome back, sorry to har you’ve been dx with ms as well. It is very kind of you to offer to help/advise. So I have a question for you. I have SPMS and my legs are none to good and am waiting to see the physio but if I got a foot peddle where I could be almost riding a bike without the bike though would it help?



Hi Alexa,

Yes this site is wonderful for its supportive nature is great during good times and bad times.

Your knowledge from your OT occupation and your dx is good of you the share.

So welcome and thank you.

;-))) Mary