Hi, im new to both joining a forum and ms so please be gentle with me i was diagnosed with tm in 2009 but since then iv got worse and now iv been told iv got ppms. I saw the ms nurse for the first time on Thursday, which was nice as up untill i was diagnosed with ppms i had been really on my own as not much out there for tm sufferers. started looking on here and thought i would take the plunge and join you.


A warm welcome to you. You will find lot’s of people that can relate to you and your MS ‘buddy.’ So don’t be afraid to post experiences, ask questions and seek advice.

Plenty of different characters on this board as well!

Take care,


Thank you Marty. Im sure i will get alot from here, both support and new friends who know what im going through. I have already found some usefull information on some of the drugs you can have ect. I go on Monday for some splints as iv got drop foot on both feet, i got two black eyes at the mo from fallen over on Monday at my sons school. does anyone else wear them and if so have they helped? Lisa

hiya lisa

welcome to our merry band!

i have never had splints but did get insoles for drop foot.

take whatever help you are offered.

if the splints don’t work for you go back and ask what alternatives are available

good luck

carole x

Hi Lisa and welcome


Hello and welcome Lisa,

Just wanted to say hi, and as Marty has said if you need to ask anything, just go ahead. I have had splints as I had carpal tunnel, for a while they did work, then unfortunately they wore out. I also have had insoles but couldn’t get on with them. Hope you enjoy the forum, but I’m truly sorry about your dx.




Welcome to the forums.


Welcome to our ‘Internet Lifeboat’,plenty of room. Lights out whenever suits you,and no need to tip the staff,


Hi …I tried a splint but found it too uncomfy although it does help you going over and falling!..ask about fes they’re good once you get used to putting it on right! Good luck…Emma

Hi there and welcome,

I too have PPMS, loads of useful info on these boards and people to talk to.

dx ?

sorry noob at these terminoligies

hey, welcome to the site, as you know by now theres loads of really great people here, so i hope you feel at home here and get some really helpful advice and support from everyone here, vicki

Hi from me too

yeah, went to Birmingham to try fes, did’nt work. b*****hurt and did’nt touch my foot. poor dr, had me blubbing like a baby.


Welcome Lisa

You will get used to the terminology on here. dx - means diagnosis.

Cant help with the splint though but just wanted to say hello.