Hello/Tightness in knee/DBS

Hello! I’m Patrick, 25 and have been diagnosed with MS since 2014. I had HSCT in April of this year but so far have seen no great improvement.

I have regained a slightly greater range of movement in my right leg. I am able to bend the knee fully now but it is very tight and feels unnatural so when I am walking I swing my right leg rather than lift it with the knee.

I have an appointment with a neurological physiotherapist later this month but I was wondering if anyone had experienced this and could recommend any exercises/stretches I could do to loosen up the knee? I swim regularly and cycle for very short periods on an exercise bike.

Also, I am on the waiting list for deep brain stimulation (DBS) to help with my tremors. Does anyone have any experience with DBS and did it help you? I know the treatment is primarily used for sufferers of Parkinson’s disease.

Thank you for any replies.

I hate physios. Anyway, my knackered knee is helped by a bit of swimming (well more like floating as I can’t use my arms too much otherwise it really hurts), followed by steam room and resting my knee against the very hot wall. Then to finish, there is a jacuzzi where I go and I manouvre my knee but starting with my ankle, moving up, to knee, then thigh, then lower back on the most powerful bubbles. I must look a bit weird if anyone is watching but I don’t care. It works for me as a complete unblocker of tightness for a short time but that short time is wonderful. Within a few days it starts to tighten again. When I get home, I rub oils on it and sometimes wrap it in a not too tight bandage before I go to bed.

If it is very tight, I watch the tele, stretch it out, massage it with oils and creams and around the knee area until it feels better. Not very technical but a little helps. My knees feel like they forget what they are supposed to do and tighten up or stop working, so that bit of massage and assistance seems to remind them to behave.

I would check with your GP first if you are trying anything new, what works for me might not be useful for anyone else. Especially regarding the jacuzzi, they are quite powerful and could do damage if not careful.

Have they told you about getting off chairs, in and out of cars and that sort of thing? Must never twist badly, need to see the physio or someone to advise on posture, getting in and out of things, keeping your whole body good so the week bits (knees etc) don’t suffer.

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magnesium oil is brilliant for massaging into your legs.

it’s my favourite remedy!

carole x

i got it from holland and barrett.

oh thank you I shall get some tomorrow