Hello there

Hi Everyone,I used to use the forum before i was diagnosed and then for a few years after met some great people. anyway im relapsing remitting. anyway i am in Scotland Glasgow area and would like to come back using the forum if that’s ok. i am starting some new medication so some advice and hopefully a few laughs


Dunno what happened there!

Think I lost my previous reply, so here goes again.

Welcome back Tosh. Delighted to see you again.,

This forum offers great support. We need each other for the good, as well as the not so good times, eh?

Hope the new meds work well. Let us know how it goes, yeh?

luv Polx


you can only use this forum again if you wear bedsocks when you are typing your response

what medication are you starting? i hope to get to glasgow in next few months-will text and let you know

ellie x

Hi Tosh. Hope you doing ok. I’m from Motherwell what medication have you started. Violet x

hi tosh. hope all is well and good luck with the new meds- what are they? i am going on gilenya v soon (apparently).

poll- am i allowed to type wearing a onesie? also wearing socks if that helps x

Eh? What’s this with the bedsocks and onesie mallarky?


hi tosh,

welcome ‘home’.you turned your back for a minute and look what a state we’ve got ourselves into… i’m wearing cheapo fluffy socks with hiking socks on top, forum etiquette be damned, i’m a rebel.

wendy x


oops-explaination time!

poll-f/o has got u and i confused! it was me that mentioned socks and not you!

the bedsocks was a topic when tosh was here a few years ago.

all clear as mud now?!


I’m still in my pjs-shock horror.

Welcome back Tosh. I joined the forum just before my diagnosis in August 2013. Look forward getting to know you.