Hello PPMS board!

That`s a good way of passing the time.

Keep warm.


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Hya Poll, the move is going to be about 2 years. Very long waiting list. But I’m very happy now I have a little cat… Dickie… a 3-legged tabby. My landlord finally relented and gave me permission.

He’s changed my life for the better… and I think he’s happy with me… so I’m ok to stay put for now.

Hope you’re feeling better,

Pat xx

Remember Linny who used to use this board a few years ago? She asked her neuro if they could chop off her legs and give her artificial ones… he thought she was nuts… but I can kinda see her point!

Pat xx

Hi Poll here is a virtual hug from Margate ((())) can you feel it? Winter won’t last long

Hope you are soon chipper and smilling again.