Hello, new forum user.

Hello to everybody I have been lurking for several months and thought I would finally introduce myself. I was diagnosed in December 2012 with RRMS after a relatively short time (compared to others it would seem). Think my husband took it harder than me, I have been strong for my children’s sake. Handling things as best I can, bit sketchy at first but hell who wouldn’t be full of self pity straight after diagnosis!. Anyway coping lots better now, great team around me, taking Rebif and doing lots of Physio to gain some strength back. My left side is considerably weaker, not getting better very quickly bit worried this is it in terms of recovery. Anyone know how long it can take? Anyway look forward to chatting to you also I apologise for any spelling or grammar issues my left hand is not much use these days, typing one handed is a skill not for the faint hearted! JW x

Hi Jelly wobbles and welcome,

Don’t worry about your spelling mine is atrocious and I am lucky enough to be able to use both hands :slight_smile:

See you on the boards

Laura x

Welcome to the site - there’s a great bunch of people here to talk to and lots of people who have wisdom and great advice to offer. Karina x

Hi Jellywobbles.

Welcome to the forum.

From what I understand, recovery from a relapse can take months, depending on what was affected and how severely!! The great thing about MS is that everyone is different and relapses/remissions can vary hugely in duration and intensity from person to person,

I also gather that it’s typical to recover about 95% of function experienced pre-relapse. (I used to find that was a fairly accurate estimate for my own instance of RRMS! An attack normally incurred small permanent penalties!)

As ever, I’m sure someone else will be along shortly to either confirm or correct my understanding.

So, you have 95% recovery to beat …and your time starts …NOW !!!

Wishing you as well as you can be.



and welcome to the site, I hope you recover from your relapse soon. I am pleased to read that you are having lots of help. Take care,

Love Wendy x

Thank you for the welcomes :slight_smile: