Hello my life

My name is Jacqueline,Jackie for short I’m from Colchester I have RRMS I’m feeling really sorry myself it’s been two years that I’ve lived without money had been on DLA indefinitely high mobility,high care,was awarded pip for two years but 6 months into I had to renew and was turned down I didn’t fight because I was ill and very low I’ve other things going on and to be honest I did want to discuss with anyone so here I am unable to walk due to right issues,hand and arm on right side not working due to attack five years ago ,pain every day ,vertigo is on and off which I hate,I feel useless went to physio have got excises to do as right foot doesn’t lift,toes don’t move,knee has fluid,hip kills anyway took her a dive wore walking shoes to help swollen ankle,wore bandage on ankle walked with pole stick I fell over twice I feel broken,worthless and I wish I had some money,so that’s me I’m always smiling but today I’m just sad :confused:

Hi Jackie, I’m so sad to read about what you are going through and how you are feeling, I wish I could HUG you. You know the saying when the going gets tough, the tough get going well that’s what you need to do now, but you need some help to get tough first. Get in touch with CAB or a local disability organisation and explain about your PIP situation and get them to help you reapply as that way at least it will help your financial situation. PIP have a lot to answer for putting people like you into dire situations and that’s without everything else you are going through. Thinking of you, Maz (((HUGS)))

Hi maz,Thankyou I’m usually a positive person but after my falls at weekend I just feel all yuk I need a good talk with myself,nice to spk to u thanks for replying x

Hi Jackie, so sorry to read about your present situation, my heart goes out to you.
Try looking at www. they’re very knowledgeable and have downloadable guides for all benefits, plus info. on the appeal process. It’ll be free to just look.

Sincerely wishing you all good things, Abbey xx

Thankyou I’m so sorry it’s taken me forever to reply but I’ve been very ill,had a relapse optic neuritis,steroids etc,I have appointment the 1 st of November to get my walking aids brace,badge for ankle and a cage type thing for my knee all fun and games,I’m still a little scared to re apply for pip but Thankyou for your help xxx

Hello, Jacqueline. Welcome!

Hello and Thankyou xx

Most welcome!