Hello MSers - Can I join the gang?

Hi All

Looks like I am about to get the diagnosis soon, I have sufferred an Optical Neuritis and done the MRI so I nearly have all the qualifications I need to hang with the cool gang. MRI has shown some stuff that is consistent with MS but still not official.

I just stopped by to say hello and to share with you that I am like you and want to reach out to all of you to say that I am here to get involved and share what I can, be a friend and learn from you and we can all hopefully do a better with all this.



Hi Colly

Welcome to the forum, it really is a great place to get advice from people who understand what having MS is actually like.

Hope you get some answers soon.

Laura :slight_smile:

Hi Welcome from me too…it’s a lovely gang to be in !!! Catherine Xx

Hello, Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Lots of help and support to be found here! Sam x

Hi and welcome

Jaycie x

Hi Colly, you are amongst friends here. We`re all in this jolly tugboat together and need each other to help us cope.

luv Pollx

Hi and welcome - everyone here is a friendly bunch and always there for questions. I’m sure you didn’t think you’d find yourself on this forum but welcome and stay positive. Hugs Karina x

Hiya Colly

Welcome!! Yes. We are a lovely bunch and you will always find a shoulder here to lean on whenever you need it.

Look forward to chatting with you.

Shazzie x

Hi Colly Welcome! I was diagnosed 3 months ago and am happy to chat/listen to rants/etc should you ever want to This forum has been a lifeline for me and I hope you find it a great place to find information and support Best wishes Jane x

Hello Colly and welcome; a lot of us are in the same boat, it appears, and all still learning to deal with stuff! I’m still waiting for 100% confirmation of my diagnosis, but I really don’t expect any different outcome than that 100% when I see the neurologist in August for the results of my lumbar puncture and latest MRI. It’s without doubt a major bummer, but not the end of the world… we’re a strong bunch and it takes more than this to knock us over!

Hi Colly! Welcome to the forum, Everyone is great on these boards, I’d never been into the whole forum thing before MS, but everyones been great to me…my very first post was a desperate cry for help and everyone jumped up and supported me through my meltdown…So welcome again and yeah we are the cool gang!!! Take care and hoping you get the answers soon BeckyX

Hello… Welcome to the forum. I am fairly new too :slight_smile: Ash x

Hi Welcome I’m awaiting confirmed DX already been mentioned , the people on here are just the nicest, helpful people I’ve had the pleasure to talk to, and they have been a great help to me and sure they will be in the future.

Hi Colly, Welcome to the forum, I’m fairly new here although 17 years down my ms journey. I wish I’d done it a long time ago! Sara xx

Hi Colly

Welcome to the forum. I was recently diagnosed and even though I had a good idea that it was ms it was still a blow when I got the news. That reaction is very common from the responses I got when I joined the gang and I’ve been made to feel so welcome by everyone. The forum is wonderful as someone here has ideas and experience with any situation or new symptom you may get as many have had the illness for a long time. There is always someone to chat or rant to.

Take care. Min x

Welcome xxx

Wow, what a welcome, thank you all, instant new friends, this MS thing is going to be a breeze No seriously, I am really pleased you are all here and I hope to chat to as many of you as possible Thank you Colly X

Welcome this forum is full of great people that are always here for you, they make you smile and understand what you are going through.

Hi Colly, welcome aboard the jolly MS group, always ready to help in any way we can. Janet x