Hear my song

Yes, there is no doubt about it. I miss having a school choir around Christmas time.

Last Monday confirmed it. But like everything in education and elsewhere, these are times of change.

Music in primary schools has opened up to non-piano-players.

Long may it continue. So what has this got to do with MS. Well the beast has deprived me of the pleasures of writing, rehearsing and performing.

Ho ho ho.

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Oh the nostalgia Steve… I remember the film too. Joseph Locke was a favourite of my old mum. Have a lovely Christmas,wherever and however you do it x

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Lovely to read Steve . There’s nothing like the sound of children’s voices , I helped out at a few of the primary school manor house young voices concerts . It was amazing to hear all the children’s voices from different schools at the Manchester arena…that was a few years ago when I was able to walk and I accompanied Isabelle’s primary school. I did it for about 3 years we’d all practiced these songs with our children but they needed parents to volunteer to help out with the kiddies , it was a full day and we looked after our classes till 11pm at night and then came back on the coach . I remember one year it snowed heavily and we couldn’t find our coach . We had a few anxious minutes ferrying a hundred and twenties tired children through a snowy Manchester late at night . Those were the days Steve , I never had the privilege of teaching but I loved helping out on all the school trips . I’m now on the next faze , on Tuesday myself and Rochelle took Naomi and Laura my twin Granddaughters to there first session at Weaver vale nursery . Hopefully being in a wheelchair won’t stop either me or you enjoying time with our little ones . Keep writing Steve. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Steve

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this, there is nothing I like more than hearing children singing, especially at Christmas time, brings a lump to my throat.

Pam x

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