Health lottery I've won again

Hi all Sorry I’ve been away a little while I was seconded to one of the West midlands best hospitals on a quality testing mission. (Food and drugs being the focus) Having presented at the gp with a rash on my legs I was sent home. The next day I was so poorly! So fatigued, lethargic and the rash was nasty! Back to the gp and they treated me for a uti … go figure. The next day the nurse called me and I told her I was worse. She ask3d me to go to hospital. Too long in hospital and I’ve come out with… Vasculitis. Blood vessels somewhere are leaking and the rash was actually blood pooling in my legs. Great. I’ve got to go for an echo to make sure it’s not my heart leaking and vascular screening to try to establish what type it is. The echo is on my birthday! I’m writing on here because I’m gutted. Two chronic conditions and both are causing me pain. My head is reeling I can’t take in I have two chronic conditions. I don’t know where to start on managing it. I was actually doing okay at managing my ms. I’m struggling to walk or stand for long. My family have been amazing as has Mr FB but they don’t know what to say to me and I don’t know how to tell them how I’m feeling. I’m really down. Sorry everyone not much sparkle today! I just knew you would understand all the things I’m trying to write down and can’t out into words. I just don’t think it’s fair that we have ms and can have more piled on. My conclusion was that the drugs are better than the food !

Oh lovely, I was wondering where you were. I was going to pm you later. We are diseased creatures aren’t we?!! I’m gutted for you that you’re poorly with something else. I know where you are coming from. All I can say is we’ve missed you & with you all the way sweetheart. If it’s any consolation I am a member on Healthunlocked as well,I of my ailments is rare, always knew I was unique!! Keep your chin up lovely, you take care babes, we are here, always xxxxxxx

It’s bloody good to hear from you! Thank you so much! & I’ll have a look at that health unlocked I’ve not heard of that before it looks like a really useful resource. Once I’ve had my results I’ll have a better idea of what I’m looking at… I’ve spoken to my nurses and they’ve said they’ll put a care plan in place once I have one from the vascular people that encompasses both conditions. Think I’ve just been a little naive thinking I’d had my lot with ms. I’m 28 in a month knocking on for 100 … Hearing from your lovely self has put me in mind of a potential treatment… perhaps if I drank enough to be flat on my back it would be largely irrelevant how much it hurt to stand up?! Xxx

What rotten luck - I am sorry. No wonder you are feeling fed up. I hope that you get through the tests without incident and that everything settles down for you soon.


It is a good place to go babes. Not that it’s a patch on here, always be my 1st love! Very informative though & Drs post on there. We got you through before, we will do it again. Your right, the Gin & tonic makes the world of difference, you stay on here missus, we need to know your ok. Have a look at that website, their not as jolly as us lot though!!! xxxx

Thank you Alison! Sending you lots of love back x

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It’s daytime telly ! Awful. That doesn’t help at all ! Met some lovely people on the ward ended up walking out with the address and phone number of my 87 year old ‘neighbour’ bless her she was a character. It’s nigh on impossible to replicate this lot of characters though ! It’s a good job we have a sense of humour !! Xx

Aw poor you FB. Another poxy autoimmune disease. It’s not bas*ard well fair. Picking on people who’ve already got one AI disorder is just wrong. And I know Tracey’s in the same gang. So am I, although my overactive thyroid was fixed by surgery and underactive thyroid as a result is no problem.

And Vasculitis seems to be a nasty one. I’ve just had a look and there’s about a zillion different types. I hope yours is treatable with some nice drugs.

No glitter for you today, but typical that you flutter about being sweet and nice, making friends with old ladies.

I am sorry, you have tons of sympathy from me.

Sue xx

Hello my friend. I’m very sorry to hear that you’re not as sparkling as usual.

You know that you can be as grumpy as hell with us. We’ve all taken a hit when the “mud” hit the fan and we all know what it feels like.

Well, I don’t, but all the others do. I just pretend it never happened and I only log in here for the cocktail recipes.

I don’t think anyone would be insane enough to want to “replicate this lot of characters” as you put it; isn’t one of each enough?

I’m sending you lots of good whatsits and positive thingamajigs. You know what I mean.

Anthony (the real one). xxx

sorry you have got yet more crap to deal with,its not fair at all,as if having MS is not enough to cope with.


Hi FB, so sorry to hear that you are poorly and hope you feel better soon.

Love Sue x

Thank you all so very much. I’ve missed you all terribly but apparently mobile phones in hospitals isn’t ideal. I was frightened of texting and messing up a fellow in patients dialysis or something of the like AD thank you for your thingamajigs just what the doctor ordered … I’m not sure how long I’ve been away but I love your new look! As soon as I’m a little more shiny I’ll be propping up the bar in a nearby foggy inn … chewing the cud invasions being the topic of conversation obviously … Xx

Take care sweetheartxxxxx