headaches then numbness?

I’ve had right numb arm and leg for over two months and last night i got angry and lost my temper over something i had taken my amitripeline about a hour before and then toke 2 iburferfen for headache not long afteer 40-60 min started to feel sick pain in my left temple then down left arm and leg then they were all numb had issues getting up husband helped me up to bed this morning my left side is all numb and a bit painful and my right side is slightley numb but not painful. Does anybody else get this i alway have bad headache before i lose sensory feeling.

Hi Mel,

Just in case get this checked out http://www.msrc.co.uk/index.cfm?fuseaction=show&pageid=736


thanks i have really low blood pressure so that one might be unlikely, just feel like im being forced to try and find out myself whats wrong with me as neroligist doesnt seem to be and my gp’s are fed up of seeing me. im a very impatient person and i just wanna know what is going on i cant deal with it intill i know

I know how you feel with feeling like you are having to investigate it all yourself as i’ve been there, my last dr surgery was awful and fobbed me off with a load of rubbish everytime i went in, i’ve since changed gp surgery and they have been fantastic and i’ve had so many referrals since & finally feel like i’m getting somewhere, now just for my diagnosis.

Hope you are feeling a bit better soon, i’ve not had the numbness down my whole side before just randomly, i get it in my fingers, my feet & my head

Hi Mel,

There is a form of migraine called a hemiplegic migraine that can cause weakness and even temporary paralysis. It is fairly rare but I would mention it to your Dr in case this is the cause of your trouble. I have this on top of the MS just to confuse things but there are very good preventative medications available for it.




Mel, sorry the link I posted is next to useless. Try this one instead



That really interesting belinda how long do you stay numb for as mine left side has been for 2 days now and my right side for 2 months athough left where i had headache and eye pain are not as numb and pain full as my right. Thanks for the info i’ll try and discuss it with nero if he lets me speak.