headaches then numbness?

I’ve had right numb arm and leg for over two months and last night i got angry and lost my temper over something i had taken my amitripeline about a hour before and then toke 2 iburferfen for headache not long afteer 40-60 min started to feel sick pain in my left temple then down left arm and leg then they were all numb had issues getting up husband helped me up to bed this morning my left side is all numb and a bit painful and my right side is slightley numb but not painful. Does anybody else get this i alway have bad headache before i lose sensory feeling.

Could be migraine (it can cause sensory problems), but headaches need to be checked out properly so you should definitely ask to see a neuro who specialises in headache.

Karen x

I get this aswell, first happened about 15 years ago, after a migraine Dr put me on beta blockers and it sorted it. Did not really have many migraines after that, until a really bad one in Dec last year, had been under loads of stress. Woke up with a numb left arm, did not think much of it remembering what happened before. But when it was still numb 2 weeks later went to Dr’s. Under investigation for MS since then. Nero put me on a beta blocker, still numb ness and headaches, then on an epilepsy drug, still no change. I am just on Amtriptyline now and headaches seem a bit better, but might be because my ‘probable MS’ symptoms are not as bad as they were. I’d go and see an optician as they can pick all sorts up, if it continues I would ask to see a Neuro aswell as Karen suggested. After 10 months I stil have some numbness in my left arm and get sharp shooting pains down the side of my face, going to see 2nd eye specialist at eye clinic this week, 1 st one put it down to MS. Numbness is a less common sympton of migraine. Good luck L .