Please I need help

Hi everybody. I’m experiencing some terrible left-arm numbness. They’re sudden attacks of numbness without any particular movement. The attack starts and I feel my arm completely numb, as if I hadn’t my arm and it’s so painful… Then the attack goes better but every movement of my head makes the pain worse. After one hour or two (trying to not move my head) the attack stops. My neurologist told me that it’s probably the hot weather (Now I live in Southern Italy) but I don’t know… It’s too painful to be just the hot weather and also when I don’t experience this attacks I feel tigling and numbnes in my arms and hands. Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understood my problem. Anybody has experience of it? What would you do in my situation?

I had an attack of vertigo several weeks ago. Then developed severe pain in my left arm from shoulder to wrist. Oxycodone helped. Ultrasound showed a blood clot. Then after two weeks the pain abruptly was gone. Now I take blood thinners to prevent another clot from forming. The neuro says everything can be related to the M.S. In the past I had double vision in my left eye. I assumed it was my eyeglass prescription changing. I’ve had bouts of unsteadiness leading to falling. I’ve already mentioned brain fog in another thread.