please help??


Been having problems lately with numbness of arms and legs. The numbness isn’t the main problem, its not knowing which limb is affected. I know is sounds stupid, but, it really is freaking me out. I will try and explain, whether its my arms or legs when its happening i can look or touch the arms/legs but cannot tell which is affected. Yesterday it struck my legs, i could still walk and move, its just there was such a strange sensation, then when i looked down, not only could i not tell which one it was, the leg (whichever one) didn’t look or feel as if it was in the right place, i know it sounds ridiculous, but as i look at which ever limb(s) is affected it doesn’t seem to be in the place it feels it should be in. So confusing i know, but if there is anyone on here that may have been affected in the same way, please let me know. I’m getting really scared.

Love clairex

It sounds a bit like something Oliver Sack’s mentions in his book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For His Hat. The sense of our body - where it is, what its doing, is called prorioception. If it goes wrong it leads to a feeling of dissociation or disembodiment, so that limbs feel in the wrong place or disconnected. I think the main coverage is in a chapter called ‘The Disembodied Lady’ . Definitely worth a read. Actually I’ve just found a link that seems to allow you to download a PDF copy for free. Not sure if this is legal though as I cant think why it would be available for free. You can always buy it, it never seems to go out of print or check out whether this PDF is authorised, I’d hate to see the author deprived of his rightful dues after producing such a brilliant worthy book.

Sorry that should be proprioception.

I get a similar thing but it’s connected to my epilepsy. One of the ways I know a seizure is coming (Doesnt happen often enough unfortunately) is I can look at my hands and I can see them but they dont look familiar, they don’t seem to be mine.

It is a very strange feeling.

i watched a programme on telly last night, it was about people with brain damage (from strokes, accidents etc)

a centre that worked with them was trying the use of mirrors. for example if the right hand was paralysed the mirror would be placed so that it reflected the busy left hand. it seems that about 30% got back the use of the bad arm.

it was a good programme and a lot of things in it rang true for ms too. the grief at losing your good health etc.

carole x

Hi, yes it is a difficult sensation to explain. But I do know what you mean, as quite often I feel as if my feet are pointing a certain way, then when I look at them, theyre not! Weird indeed! Ive never asked a medic about it.

There are times when my feet feel wet and they`re perfectly dry!

Sounds like mrbobowen has it explained for us.

luv Pollx

Have not had this. I have had times where I don’t know where bits of me are unless I check visually, but I think that kind of proprioception problem is common. Perhaps yours is a variant on that? I hope things improve soon. Alison x