Having to sell our home - so sad

Hi All

Hope you are all well as can be expected. I am annoyed as not having dx as I cannot manage the stairs we have to sell our house which I love and move to a bungalow which we do not know if we can even afford a bungalow as so expensive.

Got physio now she is lovely but have been in so much pain past 2 weeks hubby keeps saying take your pain killers and it dawned on me I do not have pain killers I do not think, on amytriptilene, statins, asprin, bladder tabs forget the name.

I know I am in more pain than usual as doing to much trying to get house ready for visitors but would like to know how everyone else copes with pain and what they take. I am good with pain but I have had to stop the weekly acid type tablet for myh bones as curled up in agony with chest pains knowing it is just indigestion but cannot believe the severity of the pain,  I need pain relief or I will be tempted to just cut of my feet lol.


x ps so so glad Karen is back

Hi Jan

Am so sorry to hear you need to move - that must be so hard, especially not having a diagnosis yet, so you don't really know the reason you're having so much pain & other symptoms.

I'm in a similar position, as I'm not diagnosed, & yet my Neuro wants to talk to me about housing as my flat has a lot of stairs up to it (no lift). I think if I had a diagnosis of something, I could accept it more.

I take Pregabalin to control the Neuropathic pain in my legs. I couldn't cope with the pain without it.  If yours is Neuropathic pain, then ordinary painkillers won't touch it. Amtriptyline, although an antidepressant, is used for Neuropathic pain too, as is Pregabalin and Gabapentin.  Do go to your GP to see if he will give you something to help.

If he won't give you anything without referring to your Neuro, then you could ring your Neuro's sec and ask him to fax something through to your GP.

I would also mention your severe chest (indigestion) pains to your GP Jan - it's always best to check an increase in pain like this with them.

Do take care & try to get some rest after all the preparation for visitors. Stress and extra activity certainly makes symptoms worse.

Wishing you all the best with the house move & do let us know how you get on with everything (including the pain control).

Bren x

Good to be back Jan :-)

As Bren said, amitriptyline is a painkiller, but it sounds like it's not working well enough for you. Maybe a tweak in dose? or maybe something different? I hope your GP will sort something out for you. Chronic pain is so draining :-(

Karen x

Hi Jan, regarding your house. I assume you have considered a stairlift? I know they aren't good for all houses but there are many different types now and some for narrow stairs. It would mean being able to stay in your house so worth considering.

I'm so sorry you are in such pain and hope you get some relief soon.

Pat x

Hi Jan

I'm so sorry to hear you're in pain and having to consider moving house. It must be heart wrenching. I'm not diagnosed yet but I can understand how debilitating pain can be with some of the problems I've had.

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck. Hope you manage to get things sorted so that you can enjoy a better quality of life.



Hello Jan xx So sorry you are having all these worries on top of being ill xxx hope it all pans out for you soon xxxjenxxx