Having major problems with my DMD's delivery HELP!

Hi I am not making excuses for HAH, but I do have a lot of experience outsourced of call centres which HAH telephone service probably is. From the problems that I have read about on here with a previous good service turning bad it is likely the following has happened: They have probably introduced a new delivery / appointment system that may have led to their systems arranging incorrect delivery times / dates that don’t fall in to the delivery routes. This leads to missed agreed delivery slots. This prompts the patient to call the company. The call centre would have predicted ‘x’ calls per hour and would staff accordingly ( too many staff means quiet times so less profits). Not enough staff means long call queues. Hopefully they can sort it quickly. A letter to customers would be helpful. Neil

There was a really long thread describing problems with HAH last week. Two weeks before that I started a thread complaining about the service I had received from them. I would look at these threads if I were you - they won’t fill you with joy but they will give you some ideas about making effective complaints. I do believe we need to let the commissioning bodies (who give the delivery work to HAH) know what is going on, otherwise this is going to be the experience for many more people using them.

Hi thanks for the replys, I have seen the other threads relating to the problems. This thread originated back in December last year when my problems started. I received a letter from them explaining that HAH had taken over a contract from another company and they were running low on stock of rebif. They have since changed their delivery service too. It’s been a very stressful time for me and hope it gets resolved soon! X

My Copaxone delivery is due this afternoon - and I have exactly one day’s supply left!
In one sense I am not bothered - I will be taken off the stuff in August anyway, when the hospital re-Dxes me to SPMS. The MS nurse said she would leave me on it, but I could stop straight away.

So I have a choice:
If I wait until August, I will be reviewed again in February next year - and there might be something else available by then.
If I give Copaxone thebig heave-ho now, the hospital might stop seeing me after August.

Part of me would like to say goodby to the runny nose, and then get down to reworking the daily schedule (can only be better).
The rest of me says why let HaH get away with it (assuming they screw up today).

Watch this space!


And the news is that I don’t have to choose.
HaH have just delivered - 90 minutes into a five-hour timeslot.
No depot listed on the paperwork, but one label does carry the name of Movianto - I assume from that, that the use of an international logistics company has now been sorted out.


I have used HaH for approx a year. Trust me you need to get away from this company and do anything in your power to get medications from elsewhere. Month after month I end up sitting in waiting for my delivery only to have a failed visit. Additionally they rarely answer the phone. It has just taken me 7hours and 14 minutes to get through. Because of todays failed visit I now have to work from home the day after tomorrow and reschedule my appointments and hope they even bother to turn up. Every month I try and ring a few days before to confirm the delivery is going to take place but I never get through. Don’t waste your time leaving messages or emailing - no one has ever called me back. Spend your time speaking to your MS nurse on alternative companies. Words can’t describe how much I hate this company. I wouldn’t employ them to deliver pet food, let alone peoples medications. If you are going to use them, stockpile as much medication as you can because you’re going to need it as a buffer. Weeks if poss. If you book a delivery with them you need to assume they won’t turn up rather than that they will.

Why the NHS aren’t looking into them I am totally perplexed.

Please leave them a review if you have used them…

Make some noise!