Having an attack

Hi all, first time poster. I have relasping remitting MS diagnosed in 2018. I have thankfully been attack free since then barring an attack in May 2023 when I didn’t tell anyone I was having an attack as it was in my legs and I could still do my work (I am a legal secretary). I think I’m having an attack right now and I don’t know what I am supposed to do. Its affecting my eyesight which in turn is affecting my work. Do I battle on and hope it improves? Go to GP? Thank you

If it was me I would contact my MS Nurse as soon as. If it is a relapse then she/ he needs to know. Also tell them about your previous relapse. I thought I was having a relapse a couple of months ago. I told my MS Nurse and by chance I had my annual meeting with the neurologist who I also told . The neurologist arranged an MRI and said that if you have new lesions then we should consider changing your disease modifying treatment to something stronger (turned out that there were no new lesions and my symptoms went away - must have been some sort of temporary flare up).

Anyway - definitely best to tell your Nurse and ask her him to inform the neurologist

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Hi tbh the best thing to do is contact your Ms team .and get them to have a look . I put up with my symtoms for 3 months till i couldn’t walk or drive . Coz i was stubborn. It was only my wife who got me to go to a&e to get checked out . And found out it was a atack. And got steroids for the atack witch helped me out but i think i have dun more damage to my body just trying to hope it will get better .as atm im struggling with walking and weaknesses in my arms and legs … constantly.best to get checked out .asap if you ask me its about the damage dun and time … get them to check for neuromyelitis optica if its your eyes … good luck and go get checked out …rich

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